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e “iron-blooded hoe” brother for the generous reward of 1,000 starting coins!


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e “iron-blooded hoe” brother for the generous reward of 1,000 starting coins!
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From then on, Cheng Wenjin’s massage for Wang Bo no longer started from the arms, but went around the other person’s invisible back, starting from the muscles on the shoulders, and then slowly adapted to and slowly calmed down the pain caused by physical contact. The uncontrollable and intense heartbeat came. After I could treat the young, energetic, slender, and strong body in front of me with a “work” mentality, I finally walked around to the side. Start pressing Wang Bo’s hands and legs.
“Well, okay, Xiao Bo. I will contact Director Wan from the Admissions Office later.” Cheng Wenjin nodded and began to massage Wang Bo seriously.
What kind of touch does that feel? As hot as fire! Under the boiling heat, there are bulging muscles that can be clearly felt. They are as hard as rocks and have strong elasticity. It is not difficult to imagine the explosive power contained when it punches!
Cheng Wenjin only remembered that with just one touch, she immediately blushed, felt panicked, and had the urge to leave immediately.
Her face must have been very red, Cheng Wenjin thought later. Fortunately, Wang Bo was already exhausted and paralyzed at that time. He just closed his eyes and gasped for air, and didn’t notice anything strange about her. Otherwise, she might not have the courage to complete the subsequent massage movements.
Cheng Wenjin first pressed his shoulders and neck, then pressed Wang Bo’s arms. Then he laid a bath towel on the cushions in the lounge and asked Wang Bo to lie on the towel and press his back and the back of his legs. Finally, he asked Wang Bo to lie on the towel and press his back and legs. Turn over and lie down, and press the front of Wang Bo’s legs.
Kneading, kneading, squeezing, pressing, beating, hitting, and patting, as the various massage techniques were used one by one, the rest room could hear the sounds of “puff-puff” or “puff-puff” of his own palms and the muscles on Wang Bo’s body. The sound of collision.
/And this voice, at first, made Cheng Wenjin quite uncomfortable and panicked. It wasn’t until she got more massages and saw the same techniques and sounds the coaches used to massage other members to relax in the club that Cheng Wenjin slowly felt relieved and no longer thought or felt that this was some kind of massage. If there is something strange or abnormal, I can calmly and calmly perform various massage techniques on Wang Bo’s body.
Of course, during the entire massage process, Wang Bo always closed his eyes and did not look at her, which also gave her a lot of psychological comfort.
/After the massage, Wang Bo exercised for more than an hour. First, I sparred wi

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