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sibly improved. When everyone looked at Wang Bo, they didn’t think he was aloof or unattainable. Instead, they thought he was very approachable and had no airs of celebrity.


Apr 3, 2024

On the way back to school, Liu Xi parted ways with everyone in advance at the Xizheng Gate, and a group of people outside C went back to outside C through the underground tunnel in front. Because Xie Jia, the grade counselor, was going to take roll call in the auditorium at seven o’clock, and it was almost 6:50, Wang Bo and the others didn’t plan to go back to the dormitory, and were going to go directly.
So, in front of the Sun Plaza in front of the main teaching building, Wang Bo, Zhong Jiahui, and Zhang Xinyue waved goodbye and made a phone call gesture, asking them to call if they have any questions in the future, or go directly to Building 3, 3-1. he.
“Look at the beauty, she’s handsome, three o’clock.” Wang Bo poked Huang Liang’s arm with his hand and whispered.
The auditorium near the main lecturer was brightly lit and dark with hundreds of students already there. More than 80% of them are girls, and only 20% are boys, scattered among the flowers.
Some also set their sights on the door of the auditorium. Whenever someone comes in, at least half of the men and women in the auditorium will unconsciously glance at the door, and then quickly become disappointed.
In the center row of the student auditorium, six pretty girls sat. At this time, these six girls, like countless other men and women in the auditorium, were whispering to each other and glancing towards the door of the auditorium from time to time.
“Xiaohan, do you think Wang Zi’an will come tonight?” a short girl asked.
“How do I know?” Wen Xiaohan said in her soft Mandarin that has not changed for thousands of years, and glanced inadvertently towards the door of the auditorium in front.
“Hehe, didn’t you receive Wang Zi’an today? How could you not know?” said another chubby girl.
“You know it after you have received her? What kind of logic do you have?” Wen Xiaohan retorted seriously.
“By the way, Xiaohan, you have met Wang Zi’an in person. Do you think Wang Zi’an is handsome in the photo or in real life?” someone asked again.
“Don’t you know he will be here later?” Wen Xiaohan smiled proudly.
/As soon as she smiled, the fat girl caught the lingo in Wen Xiaohan’s words and started to fight back: “Haha, did you reveal your secret, Xiaohan? You also said that you didn’t know whether Wang Zi’an would come? Tell the truth, you helped Wang Zi’an today Was he very touched? Did something happen between you two that we don’t know about?”
“You can think whatever you want, I’m too lazy to tell you!” Wen Xiaohan’s heart skipped a beat and his pretty face turned red. , ignoring the roommates who were teasing her, she opened a simplified English novel and looked absentmindedly.
“Stop reading, Xiaohan, tell us again quickly, tell us about what happened between you and Wang Zi’an” “”
the auditorium, which was originally chattering and lively like a vegetable marke

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