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took two chopsticks, but how could such a little trick be hidden from her former deskmate who knew Wang Bo very well?


Mar 29, 2024

took two chopsticks, but how could such a little trick be hidden from her former deskmate who knew Wang Bo very well?
Fortunately, Wang Bo didn’t know Liao Xiaoqing’s mental state, otherwise he would have had to “cry out”:
Xiaoqing, you really made a mistake this time! I’m really not trying to hide anyone’s eyes this time. The palms and backs of my hands are full of flesh. No one can be left out!
“Wang Bo and Liang Ya have reconciled, but what about Sun Li? How can they be worthy of Sun Li who is far away in Beijing?” Han Lin murmured to herself, her eyes still full of disbelief.
Liao Xiaoqing was also in a mess at this time, flustered by the shocking facts in front of him. If she was just suspicious at the dinner table, Liang Ya’s current attitude as the hostess undoubtedly confirmed her suspicions she had observed at the dinner table. Although Liang Ya now, like Wang Bo not long ago, dragged Zhong Jiahui along with her in order to cover up others’ eyes. Help, but in the eyes of Liao Xiaoqing as a bystander, it is nothing more than trying to cover up.
“Lingzi, please stop guessing. Xiaoya is Wang Bo’s ex-girlfriend, and now Xiaoya’s mother works in Wang Bo’s company. The relationship between the two was originally unusual. It’s okay for Xiaoya to help Wang Bo welcome and send him off. What a fuss.” Liao Xiaoqing said, not only to Han Lin, but also to himself. Even though the facts were right in front of them, Liang Ya was clearly acting like Wang Bo’s girlfriend. Liao Xiaoqing still didn’t believe that Wang Bo would be with Liang Ya behind Sun Li’s back, or that Wang Bo would have both sides. Because if Wang Bo was really greedy and a man of two things, he would not have refused her suggestion in the first place.
“Nothing to make a fuss about? Xiaoqing, are you blind? Three days ago, that is, the night when Wang Bo came back from Beijing, how did the two of them get along? In every word and deed, although they were friendly and close, they still maintained a Line, just like the relationship between the two of us and Wang Bo. But now? Can you still see that line? The current state of Wang Bo and Liang Ya when they were playing friends, and the state of Wang Bo and Sun Li playing What’s the difference between the state when we were friends? They’re completely the same, oh, and there’s another one, Zhong Jiahui, who was pulled in as a shield!
/“So, wake up, Xiao Qing, the guy you have a crush on and love deeply has already been with his ex. My girlfriends are getting together again! But I’m a little curious about who took the initiative, was it Wang Bo? Or Liang Ya? No, I have to go and find out. If we don’t figure this out, hehe, some people may have trouble sleeping tonight! “Han Lin chuckled, blinked at the restless Liao Xiaoqing, poked Liao Xiaoqing’s waist with her finger, and turned back to the living room.
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