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ght and Magic Wog, Liu Xiaolu Xiao, Fuchuan Yueku, and 8 brothers and sisters for their generosity!


Mar 29, 2024

ght and Magic Wog, Liu Xiaolu Xiao, Fuchuan Yueku, and 8 brothers and sisters for their generosity!
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The group of four returned to the apartment, and Wang Bo began to arrange a room for the night.
/“Uh, Sister Wenjin, Sister Youyou, and Xiaoya. You can each choose one of the three bedrooms at home. I’ll sleep on the sofa in the living room at night.” Wang Bo said to the three girls.
“No, Xiaoya and I can sleep in the same room.” Cheng Wenjin smiled and shook his head.
/“That’s right, Xiaobo, you’d better sleep in your room. I haven’t seen my mother for a long time, and I just want to chat with her tonight. Besides, it’s winter, how can you sleep on the sofa? What if I catch a cold?” Liang Ya also disagreed.
Wang Bo just pretended that if he could sleep on a bed, he wouldn’t sleep on a sofa.
A few people sat in the living room for a while, watched TV for a while, and chatted for a while. During this period, Wang Bo called Tian Xin and asked about the situation at the rice noodle shop.
The time soon reached ten o’clock in the evening.
Everyone began to prepare to take a bath and go to bed.
In order to speed up his bathing, Wang Bo donated the bathroom in his dormitory. His initial plan was to wait until two of the three girls went to take a shower, then he could sweet talk and “treat her tenderly” to the remaining one.
If the one left is his girlfriend Liang Ya, then it is natural.
If it’s Fang You, it’s a rare opportunity. You can take the opportunity to understand the girl’s pain of missing him, whether it’s mentally or physically.
As Fang You becomes more and more famous in China and becomes busier and busier throughout the year, their meetings become increasingly rare and inconvenient. He and Fang You have already had a relationship, and the girl has experienced male/female/female love many times. It’s okay to not experience some things. I don’t know how comfortable it is. Once you experience it, if you stay alone in an empty room, regardless of male or female, It’s all quite a torturous thing. If you are dissatisfied with your desires and there is a good person of the opposite sex to seduce you, it will be easy to cheat. This cannot even be said to be morally corrupt. Time, space, and the ubiquitous temptations all around will put a person’s loyalty to another person to a great test. Wang Bo tried his best to have some ambiguity with Fang You tonight, not that he really wanted to, but mainly because he wanted to satisfy the girl, even if it was “to the point”. He didn’t want Fang You to put a green hat on him because he failed to fulfill his “responsibility” as a man!
Moreover, now that Fang You has become famous, her opportunities to meet outstanding men have greatly increased, and her temptations have increased exponentially compared to when she was a student. What kind of thing is the entertainment industry? We see a lot of news there. He has a clear understanding of these inevitable realisti

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