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in the sewer.


Dec 17, 2023

By the time he led Ian over, Zerrell’s body had been partially eaten by strange beasts.
It was at the bottom of Tietan Street in the East District, quite far away from the Backlund Bridge area. I don’t know if it was related or not. Klein had no urge to verify this matter at all.
The news that “Black Snake” was dead spread rapidly in the dark living room, attracting many people to whisper, exaggerating a sense of shared fear.
The pharmacist clapped his hands and said:
“So, what do I do?”
The whispers suddenly disappeared, and the room seemed to be frozen in silence.
Because the pharmacist was not afraid of offending others last time, Klein thought about it and took the initiative to say:
“If I were you, I think I’d give up the rest of the herbs and never go there again.”
“Why do they mature so quickly? Those beasts hide deep in the sewers and usually don’t come out.” The pharmacist asked hesitantly.
Klein deliberately hoarse his voice and said:
“There should be an organization behind Black Snake. His death will inevitably lead to an investigation. I think you don’t want to deal with them.”
/Possessing the “Listener” relic does not mean that “Black Snake” must be a member of the Aurora Society, but his calling the “True Creator” as a great being confirms this.
Moreover, I would rather believe that this kind of thing is true than leave it to chance.
/“Yes.” The pharmacist nodded slightly, seeming to have made a decision.
Klein added a few more words:
“If it were me, I would report this matter to the police anonymously.”
“What?” Many party members said in shock.
Klein explained without changing his tone:
“Since the beasts in the sewers can kill black snakes, it means that they are very dangerous. And since everyone lives in Backlund, if it causes any major disaster, it will be difficult to guarantee that it will not affect us.”
“So the best option is to bring it to the attention of the police and let the authorities deal with the matter.”
“Isn’t it great that we can enjoy good results without taking risks?”
As soon as he finished speaking, the old man “Eye of Wisdom” applauded and said:
“It’s a great idea. We are afraid of the official Beyonders, but we can also use them, and don’t have to deal with everything ourselves.”
This is because I am an official Beyonder, and my thinking is definitely different from that of pure wild people like you. Klein smiled and slandered.
After speaking, he returned to a bystander attitude, listening to others selling or begging for goods and materials, watching the success or failure of transactions, but there was nothing in them that interested him.
He has not listed the types of extraordinary materials he needs for the time being, and plans to observe this circle a few more times.
Time passed by, and the old man “Eye of Wisdom” began to arrange for people to leave, one person every three minutes.
Klein was the first to go out last time. He didn’t know what would happen next. Now he noticed that there were at least five exits here. The waiters

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