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losses were so heavy that all the combat power of the two mercenary groups in the Lenka Star area was lost.


Dec 17, 2023

Those ordinary soldiers are not a big deal, but more than a hundred elite soldiers can make the two major mercenary organizations broken.
In addition, the way the two deputy captains were blaming each other just now has completely lost their previous momentum, which shows that both deputy captains have lost their ability to command.
“From what you said, you must be no ordinary soldier. Tell me your names and see if you are worthy of my action!” David’s voice appeared on the public channel.
“My name is Big Bard, and I’m a heavy ax master!”
“My name is Little Bud, Master of Heavy Axes!”
/“My name is Bryce, Master of Heavy Axes!”
“My name is Johns, Master of Spears!”
“My name is Bethune, Warhammer Master!”
“We invite the ‘Invincible Armored Master’ Master David to fight to the death!” the five weapon masters finally said in unison.
In fact, their main idea was to inspire David to fight them. Otherwise, among the huge interstellar flyers, they would be unable to hurt David at all if they spent time with him.
Even as time goes by, when the rescue spacecraft comes, especially if a super spacecraft like the Starflyer encounters trouble, it is very likely that a military warship will come.
At that time, let alone deal with David, the only thing they could do was to run as far away as possible.
In order to talk to David, these five weapons masters used the public channel.
But the public channel is not only accessible to David, anyone with a communicator can listen to it.
In particular, the more than thirty security guards guarding the entrance to the stateroom area, including Director Jerome and Captain Bulwer, were extremely horrified.
/“Is Mr. David so scary?” Captain Bulwer asked, looking at Director Jerome.
As the captain of a super spaceship, he has seen many strong warriors, but he has never heard of any warrior who can kill more than 500 warriors, and even provoked five weapons masters to initiate An invitation to a decisive battle.
“I didn’t expect that Mr. David looks so young. No, he should be called Master David. That’s what the five weapon masters are called!” Director Jerome said with a wry smile.
When I thought about how I almost used my identity to suppress David when talking to him, I couldn’t calm down for a moment.
He recalled the conversation with David and wondered if he had offended David in any way. If so, he must apologize to David personally afterwards.
Of course, not only here, but also in various cabins, many passengers also heard the words on the public channel, and even knew about David’s title of ‘Invincible Soldier’.
Originally, the title of ‘Invincible at the Military Level’ was only circulated on a small scale among the military, but from today on, as long as the passengers on this interstellar flyer survive, then this title will be known to everyone.
Especially the passengers in the stateroom. Many of them have heard of the reputation of the five weapon masters more

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