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away with the team!


Dec 18, 2023

In this situation, the responsibility for the defeat of the 50,000-strong coalition army naturally falls on the giants.
The more no one speaks, the bigger the problem is.
It can be seen from the expressions of all the kings that everyone is very embarrassed now and have no idea how to deal with the matter in front of them.
“Killing chickens to scare monkeys” and executing giant deserters?
That would be the case if the group of guys who ran away could come back alive from the butcher’s knife of the human army.
What’s more, in the last Battle of Augustburg, everyone was just making peace and did not seriously deal with the issue of deserters.
Now that severe punishment is suddenly required, the giant family will definitely not agree.
From the perspective of many kings, what happened this time was simply the giant clan deliberately venting their inner dissatisfaction.
The more questions you think about, the more difficult it becomes for everyone.
/“When something like this happened, the biggest problem was the lack of strict military discipline. If we want to prevent similar incidents from happening, it is imperative to improve military discipline.
Those who should be held accountable should be held accountable, and those who should be dealt with should be dealt with. The alliance cannot continue to be in such chaos! ”
The Shadow King said coldly.
It was obvious that he was really pissed off.
A farce that resulted in the defeat of an army of fifty thousand soldiers was undoubtedly disastrous for the alliance.
If allies are no longer trustworthy, how can we fight the subsequent war?
“Accountability is okay, but it must be fair. Those responsible for the Battle of Augustburg must also be dealt with together.
If the alliance loses fairness, then it has no value in existence. ”
The Giant King said with an ugly expression.
Dragging people into the water is a must. The giant clan only has a small population in total, and the hundreds of giant reinforcements account for one-tenth of their strength.
No matter what, he had to find a way to save it.
The responsibility cannot be shied away, so now he can only talk about “fairness” to win the support of kings of all races.
Especially for the weaker races, they are already in a weak position in the alliance, so they need fairness even more.
The worst scene finally happened. Even before Hudson had time to provoke, the Ancient Relics Alliance first triggered an internal crisis of trust.
If all were dealt with seriously according to the Giant King’s request, many races would be involved.
But the Alliance cannot afford to execute tens of thousands of deserters at once!
Unless the alliance’s previous decree is revised to re-characterize such incidents.
At this point, the issue of fairness comes into play.
A mixed alliance can bring everyone together. In addition to common interests, there is also the fairness of the alliance’s propaganda.
It is this fair promise that makes everyone believe that efforts will be rewarded and all sacrifices ar

By sangna