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one wall clock. On the wall clock, the second hand made of the “Insect of Time” suddenly paused.


Dec 18, 2023

As the bells echoed, everything in the room fell into a strange freeze, including the four doors.
The only exception was Amon, who changed back to wearing a pointed soft hat and a classic black robe. With a smile on his face, he calmly raised his left hand and clenched five fingers.
The next second, the strange freeze was broken, and the four doors of reality that were about to open closed again with a clang, leaving no gaps.
Amon’s figure then fell and entered the unreal door on the ground that was not closed.
As soon as he left the room in this way, he found himself in a dark wilderness, with a tall shadow tower in the distance that looked like it was inserted into the sky.
“No fraud here!”
Although Amon couldn’t see this scene, he seemed to sense something. After all, a high-ranking person who took pleasure in cheating the rules would undoubtedly be able to detect the changes in the rules, otherwise he would not be able to accurately find the loopholes.
He immediately raised his hand and adjusted the monocle in the socket of his right eye.
From the surface of the crystal-ground monocle, blazing white and pure brilliance burst out, illuminating the entire wilderness, making it impossible for any secrets to exist here.
This is the “Eternal Day” that He gave to Klein before and took back from Klein’s “original body”!
Under such an environment, the tall tower made of shadows melted inch by inch. Klein floated in the air, holding the “Wishing Magic Lamp” in one hand and the “Star Staff” in the other. In front of him was the “Tren” spread out. Sost Brass Book”.
/Amon took advantage of the situation and stretched out his right hand that was holding the monocle before, and grasped Klein’s “projection” in his palm from a long distance away.
Behind him, the shadow dragged out by the “eternal day” environment became lighter and lighter, while twisting like a vitality.
Silently, Amon began to “steal” various extraordinary abilities of Klein.
He did not specifically seek to “fool” the authority, but chose randomness, which can effectively increase the success rate.
However, after a flash of light, what fell into His palm was just a simple paper figure.
The shadow behind Amon was whipped by an invisible whip, but he himself was unscathed.
He created error and replaced Himself with a shadow.
/Then, Amon laughed, and his voice echoed in Klein’s ears:
“‘Djinn,’ I can also promise to send you back to the stars.
“Look, I haven’t been punished, which means I’m not committing fraud.”
Hearing Amon’s words, Klein’s heart suddenly sank.
Before that, he was not worried about Amon inciting rebellion against the “Deng God”, because he was a top “scammer” and no one could believe any of the promises he made, and the “Deng God” had encountered his ex The “Lord of Mysteries”, the victim god of similar things, will definitely deal with Mr. “Wrong” with the most defensive attitude.
This is the resu

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