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ase information in my hand and expressed my question with a change of pronunciation. “You should hire a barrister.”


Dec 18, 2023

I am just a solicitor and strictly speaking I am not qualified to go to court.
Of course, this is only the strictest situation and does not actually exist. As long as the case is not serious and does not involve criminal court, solicitors can go to court to provide help.
The policeman in black and white checkered uniform opposite said with a smile:
“Utopia is just a small town. If you don’t have a big lawyer, you have to find one elsewhere.
“Furthermore, this case is prosecuted for excessive self-defense. The sentence is very short and the amount involved is less than 400 pounds. It can be tried in the magistrate’s court first. After it is determined that excessive self-defense is not established, it can then be transferred to the criminal court.”
I understand. Do you want to change your career to become a lawyer? But normally, homicide cases that require defense or prosecution must be handed over to the criminal court. Haha, this is the advantage of a small town. Many things are not so strict… I thought about it and said “hmm”:
“Then I’ll try to plead not guilty.
/“In addition, please arrange a time as soon as possible for me to meet Miss Tracy.”
After looking through the information just now, I already have a good grasp on this case. The biggest question now is whether the image of Miss Tracy can arouse sympathy.
Well, although my solicitor license was forged out of town, this does not negate my professionalism. It just happened that I made a mistake in that exam.
Bansi? Verdu wants to go to Banxi? I sat at the bottom of the mottled long table, looking at the “Hanged Man” who reported to Mr. “The Fool”, and I was a little confused about the development of the matter.
Verdu, who is obsessed with mysticism and wants to rescue Mr. “Gate”, does have some reason to explore the abandoned port of Banxi. Moreover, he has also lived in Bayam for almost half a year, so it is normal to have access to information about Banxi… The main problem is that the previous surveillance of “The Hanged Man” did not provide corresponding signs, which made Verdu’s behavior seem a bit abrupt… This matter needs to be paid more attention to… I nodded in my mind and heard Mr. “Fool” He gave an order:
“Continue monitoring.”
I played the lyre by the fountain in the Municipal Square, I used a knife and fork to cut steaks, I was in the church, telling the believers the teachings of the goddess, I stretched out my right hand, and left with the attentive help of a gentleman. In the carriage, I got the long-awaited new skirt and couldn’t wait to put it on. I walked on four legs and was chased by a child. I laughed loudly and stumbled around playing with a dog…
/Suddenly, we were all shocked. We looked up at the sky and saw illusory and thin threads coming out of ourselves, extending to infinite heights, extending above a gray mist, and extending into an ancient palace. It fell into the hands of a tall figure shroud

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