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ng the battle were also unknown.


Dec 17, 2023

No one with significant responsibility can be found. The responsibility for the defeat will undoubtedly fall on him as the coach.
/“How to fight next? If you have any ideas, please tell me?”
Duke Daniel’s question startled all the orc officers. They all opened their eyes wide and looked at their commander with suspicion.
Anyone who is familiar with Daniel knows that his military ability is directly proportional to his arrogance. There is no general that can catch his eye.
In the past, when military meetings were held, Daniel was responsible for giving the order and everyone was responsible for executing it.
It’s okay to put forward opinions, but there’s a high chance that he’ll be sprayed with hate, as if everyone’s plans are bullshit in his eyes.
After following for a long time, everyone stopped making comments. Anyway, when it comes to military literacy, there is indeed a huge gap between him and his own commander, and there is nothing to dispute.
The arrogant commander suddenly asked everyone for advice. The generals were very unaccustomed to the sudden change, and some even wondered whether the commander in front of them had changed his “core”.
There is no precedent for similar things in the Aslant continent. Especially in the internal fighting in the palace, the use of evil methods to play with Li Daitao Zang occurred most frequently.
However, these methods of playing have obvious shortcomings. The foreign soul and body cannot perfectly fit together, and flaws can easily be revealed in words and deeds.
After making sure that no problem was found, a lion general said slowly: “Marshal, the enemy is very cunning, we can no longer be led by the nose.
Judging from past battles, Hudson was particularly good at using troops by surprise. The Alliance of Ancient Relics was destroyed by him, and the empire also suffered a lot from him.
I couldn’t think of a way to deal with him for a while. But what is certain is that we can no longer divide our forces.
No matter how the situation changes, we cannot divide our forces. Otherwise, the tragedy of the ancient alliance of survivors is very likely to happen again! ”
As soon as the words were spoken, all the generals agreed. In the blink of an eye, “the troops cannot be divided” became everyone’s consensus.
It just fell into the ears of Duke Daniel. These suggestions were said but not said. They were just a bunch of nonsense.
“Cannot divide the troops” is just their behavior and has nothing to do with how to defeat the expeditionary army. The enemies are not fools. It is enough to cause destruction everywhere. There is no need to come and fight with them.
Being hindered by the infantry, the next attempt to pursue the enemy became a fantasy. No matter how slow the enemy runs, he is still faster than the infantry.
For a time, the encirclement and suppression army was trapped in a dilemma. Splitting the troops threatens destruction, and concentrating the troops but not being able to catch up with the enemy forces makes the whole si

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