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is that you can pass the entrance examination of Backlund Technical University.”


Dec 17, 2023

He wanted to say that it was a pity that Bella didn’t learn cooking for too long, but after looking at Melissa’s gloomy expression, he forcibly changed the topic.
Before Melissa could say anything else, Benson smiled and touched his hair:
“I plan to resign tomorrow and concentrate on preparing for the exam. It is said that most of the positions this time are in Backlund. This is exactly my goal. I hope we can go there together.”
Melissa was silent for a moment, and finally nodded slowly.
At the same time, she put away the knife and fork, picked up the napkin, wiped her mouth and said:
“I’m going to the bathroom.”
/“Okay.” Benson watched his sister get up and leave the table, and the smile that had been on his face quickly disappeared.
He took out the silver pocket watch with arabesque patterns, looked at it carefully, and sighed very quietly.
Throughout the day on Sunday, Klein busily rushed to several public libraries in the Jowood District, trying to find information related to Viscount Pound. However, there was no separate biography of this Viscount family, and it did not attract any historians. Interest in conducting specialized research.
/Everything about them was scattered in different corners of various historical materials. Without the “search” function, Klein felt his head throbbing in pain when facing the vast sea of ??books and essays.
He spent six hours looking through a lot of information, but still couldn’t get any useful information.
“You must find someone who has extensive research on the history of the nobility to help, or bribe someone in the police department to get the current residential address of Baron Pound. He is a noble. The police department must have corresponding records. The number of nobles is not More.” Klein returned home, stood in front of the bathroom mirror, and spoke to the air.
The surface of the mirror quickly outlined the bodyguard’s gothic palace dress and the black soft hat on her head.
She nodded slightly, seeming to agree with Klein’s idea.
Then, her illusory and erratic voice came out:
“Employment ended.”
I know, it’s been three days. Klein thought for a while and said:
“If I can get any clues about the Pound family, would you like to know?”
The bodyguard lady didn’t answer, but nodded slightly.
“Um, tell it through Maric,” Klein asked.
After nodding again, the bodyguard lady bent down, lifted up her skirt, and saluted.
Her figure quickly disappeared, and everything reflected in the mirror no longer looked special.
Klein looked around and did not relax. He prepared dinner step by step and filled his stomach.
In the dead of night, when he returned to the bedroom and closed the curtains, he took out the iron cigarette box and reached out to touch the “total black eye” left by Rosago.
Waves of illusory roars immediately swept through his mind, seeming to tear his spirit apart and destroy his thoughts.
Klein struggled to resist the pain that made his head explode, and onc

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