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to area B12, which was a long passage. Twenty-four soldiers had set up a defensive formation in front, waiting for David’s arrival.


Dec 17, 2023

David did not rush forward this time, but took out the ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’ sniper rifle, and then lay on the ground, with the customized exoskeleton armor fixing his body to the ground.
“He is a sniper soldier, we can’t defend here!” A sharp-eyed soldier shouted.
The other soldiers were also shocked, knowing that keeping a distance from the sniper soldiers was simply seeking death.
But before they could take action, David had already fired ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’.
A first-grade bullet flew out from the muzzle and appeared in front of the soldier at the other end of the passage almost instantly. At this time, any formation was useless.
This almost shot through the team of twenty-four soldiers. Several soldiers who were about to rush forward were affected by the terrifying sound waves that followed.
In this kind of closed environment, the attack of a sniper rifle is not just a sniper bullet. The explosive force caused by krypton crystal powder is guided by a special barrel, and its impact sound wave is extremely powerful.
The impact sound waves formed front, rear, left and right impacts in the channel. The front and rear impact sound waves were better, but the left and right impact sound waves became stronger and stronger with the continuous collision.
Of course, since the environment here is a bit large, the power of the impact sound waves is far less than the effect in a small room.
But it was enough to temporarily affect the soldiers’ actions, giving David enough time to snipe.
Several soldiers rushed out. This was the best way to deal with sniper soldiers. The passage was not too long, only about two hundred meters. The soldiers’ choice was also the most correct.
As long as he rushes in front of David, the sniper rifle will be useless.
But what they didn’t expect was the impact of the impact of the sound wave, coupled with the rush of several armored soldiers, which broke the defense of the formation, forcing the armored armored armored soldiers to get out of the way.
The distance of two hundred meters is an extremely short distance for a sniper rifle. Coupled with David’s mastery-level sniping ability and his mental burst, the soldier who rushed out was stunned due to the impact of the sound waves. , and then was penetrated by a first-grade bullet.
The first-grade bullets once again penetrated several soldiers, forming a series of killing effects in the passage.
/The terrifying impact sound waves only stunned these soldiers for a few seconds. Soon they turned on the function of the exoskeleton armor to deal with the sound waves, making them immune to the sound wave attacks.
In just a few seconds, only six of the twenty-four soldiers were able to stand, barely able to maintain the combat power of a group of soldiers.
David put the ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’ sniper rifle in the card slot behind his back, put a third-level heavy ax in his hand and rushed forward.
“Back off, back

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