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big check in my pocket. If I lose it, I can’t even afford to pay for it if I sell it! Fan Ruling said with a smile.


Mar 29, 2024

big check in my pocket. If I lose it, I can’t even afford to pay for it if I sell it! Fan Ruling said with a smile.
“Who dares to betray you? Why don’t Lao Cao fight for him?” Wang Bo made a joke, a pun. Fan Ruling’s face turned red after hearing this. Seeing Wang Bo making a joke, she said, “He doesn’t care about me! In his mind, the most important thing is his wife and son!”
Wang Bo was shocked by these words. I was stunned for a moment, a little embarrassed, and didn’t know how to answer the call at all. After Fan Ruling said that, she felt that it was a bit too abrupt to say such words in front of Wang Bo. In order to avoid embarrassment, she hurriedly took out an envelope from her bag, handed it to Wang Bo and said:
/“Mr. Wang, this is one hundred thousand from China Construction Bank Yuan check, please take a look at the appearance fee for this signing.”
Wang Bo took the envelope, shook out the check inside, and glanced at it. It was a cash check, and the amount was correct, one hundred thousand yuan. The drawer, The payee and signature were correct, so he stuffed it back into the envelope and put it back on the bedside. He planned to hand it to Zheng Yan when Zheng Yan came in later and ask her to find a bank to take it out and put it into her account tomorrow.
“No problem, thank you, Miss Fan. Please sit down. By the way, what would you like to drink? Tea, soft drink or coffee? But the coffee here is only instant.”
“It’s okay, Mr. Wang, just drink coffee. But no need to trouble you, I’ll go to the bar by myself.” Fan Ruling put her shoulder bag on the table and volunteered. Wang Bo gave in twice, but he couldn’t resist the other party’s insistence, so he had to let the other party do what he wanted. He thought, this Fan Ruling is quite enthusiastic and proactive, with a good figure and appearance, no wonder she can win Cao Zeming’s love.
“Not only did he change his clothes, but he also took a shower, and there were two different shampoos at home?” Wang Bo shook his head again in his mind, feeling that he couldn’t understand the woman in his arms at all.
To make coffee, you need boiling water, but Wang Bo did not boil the water when he came back in the evening, so Fan Ruling had to wash the pot and boil the water first. Wang Bo felt quite embarrassed, but Fan Ruling said while busy that she was used to doing these things and it was no trouble at all.
After placing the electric kettle filled with water on the base and pressing the switch, Fan Ruling walked back to the single sofa next to the window and sat down. She asked with a smile: “Mr. Wang, why don’t you see Miss Zheng?”
/“Xiao Zheng is here with her. My own room.” Wang Bo said with a smile, and then added as if to avoid suspicion, “At this moment, he is probably talking on the phone with his boyfriend.”
Fan Ruling’s eyes flashed with joy, pretending to be surprised. Asked: “Ah, does Miss Zheng have a boyfriend?”
“Yes! She’s like that, wouldn’t it be weird if she didn’t?” Wang Bo said directly, thinking, do you think everyone is like y

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