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raining, which caused serious psychological problems in many people. trauma. It is said that many years later, there was a regular program at the No. 1 Middle School Alumni Association, which was to get drunk and discuss how to trick the magpie out of school, then strip it naked and tie it to a street tree, allowing passers-by to watch it.


Mar 27, 2024

As a teacher, it is actually a kind of pride to reach this point!
“What happened to this kid today?”
The two unlucky children were crying, and they secretly swore in their hearts that whoever was late again would be Hua Xieqie’s son. One of them looked up and saw Wen Liang running all the way, and his eyes suddenly showed a look of gloating. The other one was not kind and pointed timidly and said: “Director Hua, another one is late.”
He was really fed up with the spit spraying out of the speakers and thought it would take some of the pressure off of him. Hua Xie turned around angrily, wanting to see which reckless guy came so late. When he saw Wen Liang’s face clearly, the roar at his mouth turned into a gentle breeze, and he said with a smile: “Aren’t you sick and asking for leave? Why are you rushing to come to class?”
Wen Liang coughed and kept walking, “I’m afraid of delaying my studies. After all, the exam is coming soon. Director Hua, I’m going to class first.”
/“Go on, go on, you are really serious and hardworking, but you must also pay attention to your health and don’t work too hard.”
When Wen Liang’s back disappeared at the end, Hua Xieque turned his head and looked at the open mouths of the two people in front of him, and became angry again, The roar of the loudspeaker once again echoed throughout the campus.
Wen Liang opened the door with a bang, and the bell just hit the last note. He glanced at the podium and saw that Ye Yuting hadn’t come to class yet. He couldn’t help but patted his chest and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay!”

Okay, what’s okay?” A cold scolding rang in her ears. Ye Yuting stood in the aisle near the corridor and looked at him coldly. Wen Liang cursed inwardly, “Teacher Ye, I have diarrhea today.” “Do
n’t look for it.” Excuse me, go back
to your seat and stand for one class!” Wen Liang walked helplessly to his seat. In fact, according to the usual practice, he should avoid the limelight today and wait for Ye Yuting to calm down before returning to class in a few days, but he was worried about discipline Su knew that Ji Zheng was depressed after being double-crossed, so he wanted to come and see how she was doing, but because he had a phone call with Ning Xi in the morning to discuss accepting personnel from the security company, he was delayed a little and bumped into Ye Yuting’s gun.
The seat next to him was empty, and Ji Su did not come to class. As a good student, Ji Su had never affected the school’s classes due to things other than sick leave. Even when Ji Zheng was in jail and his future was uncertain, she came on time. There was class, but today, the person whom Wen Liang would see every time he returned to school, was not

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