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for her departure, but to be happy that Teacher Si can completely get rid of the past.”


Mar 27, 2024

for her departure, but to be happy that Teacher Si can completely get rid of the past.”
Ji Su listened carefully to Wen Liang’s words, and after a while Yes, a bright smile bloomed on his lips, and he nodded heavily: “You are right, I should pray that Teacher Si can be happy forever in all the days to come!”
Wen Liang smiled slightly, the wretched uncle’s His personality suddenly exploded, he reached out and rubbed Ji Su’s hair, and said in the tone of a father instructing his daughter: “Be good!”
Ji Su blushed and bit her lower lip gently, but without any resistance, she lowered her head shyly. , letting his palms stroke the ends of his hair.
Wen Liang’s heart moved, and he was instantly confused by the girl’s blush and tenderness.
The most important thing is the gentleness of bowing the head, the shyness of being overwhelmed by the cool breeze. When the destined person comes out of the illusion and haziness, there is no way to escape whether to love or be loved!
/“Ouch, I’m going to go blind. Ouch, it hurts, it hurts!”
Ren Yi’s funny cry came from behind. Wen Liang retracted his palm, turned around and said with a smile: “Brother Ren, you have read a lot of poems and books before you are in high school.” Dou, don’t you listen to the words of the sage, don’t see anything that’s not polite, and don’t listen
to anything that’s not polite?” “Confucius also said, ‘The most sincerity is like a god.’ Since I saw and heard it, how could I pretend not to see or listen? I raised my head. There is a god three feet away, so you can’t open your eyes and tell lies!”
Wen Liang has been busy recently, and the number of times he comes to school is about the same as the number of times Ren Yi successfully picks up girls. The direct consequence of this is that without someone to quarrel with, Ren Wenqing is anxious The corners of his mouth were on fire.
/While adding wolfberry to the water glass, he retorted with reference to classics, which seemed to be a bit more elegant than just strolling in the courtyard. Wen Liang laughed loudly. He had just read this sentence. After knowing him for so long, he finally had the opportunity to catch Ren Yi’s pigtails in literature. Why not take advantage of the victory and pursue it, saying: “Brother Ren, Kong Laoer” We say ‘the utmost sincerity’, but according to “The Book of Filial Piety”, the so-called sincerity refers to being particularly filial to your parents, but it does not mean that you must be the most honest person.” ”
Oh,” Ren Yi suddenly became more motivated, Putting down the small bag full of wolfberry in his hand, he said with disdain: “Jing Jie acted as Yao, just like throwing an egg at a stone and using your finger to circle a boil!” I
still understood what I heard later, but what does “Jing Jie act as Yao”? Wen Liang He scratched his head and said angrily: “Speaking of human words!”
Ren Yi laughed and said: “Brother Wen, when discussing the Four Books and Five Classics with me, are you someone who can wield a sword in front of Guanyin or fight

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