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tell you, this is simply impossible. The Ministry of Defense has the strictest confidentiality measures. This is a well-known thing…”


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tell you, this is simply impossible. The Ministry of Defense has the strictest confidentiality measures. This is a well-known thing…”
“Don’t be angry at Fahr. ,” the Secretary of State looked at the angry look of the short and fat Minister of Defense opposite him, and interrupted him with a smile, “I just made a conjecture, and anyone with normal thinking and logic can think of this conjecture. If you don’t believe me, take a look. All around.”
/Fahr was stunned and looked around. Sure enough, everyone was looking at him with suspicion, including President Rand. His face changed uncertainly. He finally succumbed to reality, lowered his head and said, “I understand, that’s all. I will order an internal investigation into this matter.”
“Very good Fahr,” seeing the Minister of Defense actively expressing his willingness to launch an investigation into the leak, Rand cast a tacit look at Fernand and said with satisfaction : “Don’t be depressed. With the success of the ‘Transformers Project’ as a guarantee, even if someone is really found to have leaked the secret, you don’t have to take the blame and resign.
Speaking of which, who would have thought of the metal ingots in a grocery store in the ‘World of Shrimp No. 1’? Combining our existing technologies, we can actually produce such magical effects, creating things like ‘Transformers’ and ‘Sky Fortress’ that are only seen in science fiction movies.” “Your
Excellency, the ‘Transformers Project’ originated from The ‘Doomsday Terminator Plan’ in District 51 is already in the stage of completion, and we discovered ‘light steel’ from the ‘alchemy shop’ which is very rare even in the ‘other world’…” ”
Okay. Franklin, okay, I don’t need you to remind me which one is right and which one is wrong.
As the chief state adviser, you should turn your attention to more important things,” said the tall man with short gray hair. The good mood of the American president suddenly disappeared, and he said irritably: “For example, those two monsters suddenly appeared and disappeared suddenly.
/Although there happened to be no satellite photos of them, according to radar observations, it was a monster More than two hundred meters long, a monster that is more than one hundred meters long can also fly. This is a big threat. Of course, in front of the ‘Giant King Kong’, they are just two ‘little reptiles’.”
As he spoke, he His tone seemed excited.
Chapter 273: ‘Success’
used powerful aerial fortresses and steel warriors to defeat the sudden attack of ‘Karadu’. The trump card that the United States showed under forced circumstances shocked and uproared the whole world.
Although its moral credibility has been questioned by the international community, its status as the world’s most powerful country, which was already widely questioned, has been stabilized.
After witnessing the powerful action and defense capabilities of the “Transformers”, Zhang Lisheng, who returned to New York, had to change his already thought-out plan and decided to wait and see how the situation

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