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Wen Liang was moved and said hurriedly: “Who gave you the report? In fact, I haven’t been late a few times. This has been the case recently. I have an uncle who opened a breakfast shop. I went to his place to help him. The economy is in a recession now and we can’t afford to hire employees.”
Xu Yao touched his head and sighed: “Oh, child labor is so pitiful.” After saying that, her eyes rolled around Ning Xiaoning, and she coaxed the little boy to take off his pants. He said in a playful tone: “There are two more beautiful child workers. I wonder if Master Wen wants them?”
Wen Liang trembled all over and raised his hands in surrender.
When Wen Liang wrote Qinghe Soybean Milk last time, he didn’t tell them what it was used for. Now that he opened a small shop, Xu Yao and Ning Xiaoning became interested and took him to visit the shop. The three of them walked out of the small alley one after another. After looking around for no one, they walked forward for a while and boarded the No. 21 bus.
Although this time period was not as crowded as later generations, it was still quite stressful. Wen Liang opened the way in front, using his four weapons of shoulders, hands, waist and hips. He finally managed to fight his way through the sea of ??people, leading the two women with him. Stand firm at the door in the car. Fortunately for Xu Yao, she was a crazy girl. She took the bus all over Qingzhou alone on weekends and holidays, following Wen Liang from left to right, her movements were erratic and her consciousness was superb, and she managed to keep following in such an environment. The number of contacts with others is in the single digits, which is breathtaking. Ning Xiaoning obviously lacked experience in this area. When she stopped, she was panting and her face was crimson. Her mouth was slightly opened, revealing a few crystal clear teeth. She looked very cute.
/The three of them were very close to each other. Xu Yao was on the right side of Wen Liang, and Ning Xiaoning was standing in front of him on the left. Just a few minutes later, Ning Xiaoning’s eyes suddenly became a little strange, and she squeezed in front of Wen Liang with an uneasy expression. squeeze. Wen Liang was secretly angry, thinking that some blind pervert was taking advantage of him. When he looked over, he almost laughed out loud.
Behind her is a young woman wearing a white dress and a black skirt. Her shawl long hair is permed with small waves at the end. She looks fashionable and elegant. A four-finger-wide black belt is tied around her waist, which immediately outlines the curves of her entire body. , if the shoulders are shaved and the waist is as red as red, what a charming and moving back!
/Wen Liang understood the reason and gave Ning Xiaoning a narrow smile. He stretched out his arms, tried his best to create a vacuum zone in front of him, and then gestured for her to come closer with his chin. Ning Xiaoning bit her lip and hesitated. Xu Yao, who had been looking around as soon as she got into the car, just t

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