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ory director Lu Jie, and With the strong support of Qingtou, it shouldn’t take long to form a synergy.


Mar 26, 2024

ory director Lu Jie, and With the strong support of Qingtou, it shouldn’t take long to form a synergy.
Xu Fuyan kept his promise, and Wen Liang certainly had to give him face, but it was inevitable to be guilty. He asked Liu Tianlai to secretly inform Hou Xinghua and find a client to turn over the reservoir contract worth 250,000 yuan. The third flip was given to the Minghua Group. This small amount of money was not even a drop in the bucket for Minghua, but it disgusted Gu Shitong enough. I heard that Mu Zechen got scolded.
Wen Liang would sometimes think maliciously, wondering if at that moment, Gu Shitong had any regrets about giving up Qi Shu!
However, there is no regret medicine in the world. Wen Liang didn’t have time to help Gu Shitong calculate the pros and cons. After receiving Ning Xi’s call, after much thought, Wen Liang decided to go to the capital in person.
/In the Republic of 1996, the country was groping about how to run the stock market, the China Securities Regulatory Commission was groping about being a referee, companies were groping about going public, investors were groping about stock trading, and even bankers were groping about taking over the market, just like a game full of amateur actors. Movies, even if the director’s skill is countless times better than that of Spielberg, James Cameron, Hitchcock, Cliff Nolan and others combined, there is still no way to guarantee that the movie will not be outstanding. error.
/So Wen Liang couldn’t worry. Although his professionalism was far inferior to Ning Xi’s, his rebirth attributes could perfectly make up for his shortcomings. The general trend was always more important than the details!
On March 1st, the thirteenth day of the first lunar month, Wen Liang went to school to ask for leave. He had not entered the school since the beginning of the ninth day of the Lunar New Year. Ye Yuting made two phone calls and accepted it. However, I don’t know how many days it will take to go to the capital this time, so I still need to complete the necessary procedures.
The Foreign Language Office did not see Ye Yuting. Instead, Huang Mei was looking at herself in the mirror happily. Wen Liang crept up behind her, squinted his eyes, stuck out his tongue and made a face. He suddenly got out and was reflected in the mirror. It was really a ghost. Scared to death too.
Huang Mei screamed and jumped two feet away, breaking the mirror in her hand. When she turned around and saw Wen Liang, she became so angry that she was chased and beaten by people all over the room. Wen Liang hid twice, but Huang Mei still refused to let him go, and shouted: “Your boyfriend is here!” Huang Mei
stopped abruptly, and her fierce expression immediately changed to tenderness, which made Wen Liang dumbfounded. Before she came back to her senses, He ran away in a flash.
On the way to the classroom, Wen Liang was still shaking his head and laughing. Even a girl like Huang Mei has found a boyfriend. It seems that spring is really a season of blooming flowers. Looking around

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