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atter would be leaked.”


Mar 26, 2024

atter would be leaked.”
/Liu Tianlai slapped his thigh fiercely and said, “Piracy?”
Wen Liang thought of the book he picked up from the bookstore. No matter the packaging, printing, paper texture and feel, it was all very good. It was not much different from the original. If he hadn’t specially sent it to the agent of Beijing University Publishing House in Qingzhou for identification, he wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.
“Yes, it’s piracy,” Wen Liang looked into the distance with a half-smile and said, “But piracy is not a big deal in China. Director Liu, tell me, how large-scale piracy is to scare Yan Furui, a dignified general manager?” Have you become a coward?”
Liu Tianlai’s eyes lit up, but then disappeared in an instant, and he hesitated: “Young Master Wen, the investigation and punishment of piracy is usually carried out by the Anti-Pornography and Anti-Illegal Affairs Office. Even if it is not good, it is also the director of the industrial, commercial and cultural departments, and the public security department is more responsible. Assistance, we really have to follow the line, the initiative is not in our hands.”
Domestic intellectual property protection policy has always been a joke. There are many factors involved, including the need for economic development and local protection, and the need for attention. The degree is not enough and the influence of long-term public habits has led to the contradiction between huge profits and disproportionate risks. Not to mention 1996, even in the new century, the thunder is big and the rain is small, but no results are achieved, and all they do is shout slogans.
Therefore, Wen Liang understands Liu Tianlai’s concerns. In addition to several campaign-style anti-pornography and anti-illegal activities every year, the general cultural and business departments only conduct symbolic checks when they need to make money. There were too many places for the police to make money, and they looked down on this small business. He was a little unskilled in the business. Liu Tianlai was not afraid of arresting people, but was afraid of losing the chain and delaying Wen Liang’s affairs.
Wen Liang smiled and said: “You are talking about this matter, we have to drag a few people into the water.”
After receiving Wen Huaiming’s report, Xu Fuyan immediately instructed the municipal publicity, industry and commerce, culture, press and publication and other departments to carry out joint law enforcement operations. The municipal public security The bureau dispatched police forces to cooperate. Based on the clues currently available, Xinhua Bookstore and Curly Hair and others started to dig deep, swat flies, and also kill tigers, striving to create a voice, scale, and results!
Although Wen Huaiming partially processed and exaggerated the store smashing incident that happened in the Garden District today according to Wen Liang’s wishes, from his position, he could not help but remind Xu Fuyan: “Would such a movement be too big?” ”
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