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o sacrifice you for revenge.


Mar 26, 2024

o sacrifice you for revenge.
Fortunately, your poor performance has reduced my guilt a lot, and thinking about it, you sacrificed for the safety of the whole world. One day, maybe someone will do something for you.” You put up statues in this city…” Glancing around in the alley. I found that no one cared about me. Zhang Lisheng breathed a sigh of relief and murmured: Although he didn’t understand what the boy was saying, the animal’s sensitive intuition suddenly made the Mastiff alert. It suddenly jumped forward and really exerted its strength. He broke free from Zhang Lisheng’s restraints easily and ran away quickly along the alley.
Unfortunately, after only running a few steps, the big dog suddenly felt as if it had been hit by a meteorite falling from the sky. He fell to the ground sprawled out.
/At the same time, an ugly giant wasp crawled out of Zhang Lisheng’s backpack, jumped down on his shoulder, flapped its wings and flew diagonally towards the big dog, piercing the Mastiff’s flesh with its tail.
The body twitched like a spasm, but the big dog could not move under the heavy pressure. When the pain dissipated, Zhang Lisheng, who had already driven Jiuzi to fly back to the backpack, calmly walked to the Mastiff and took the reins again. .
Then a giant beast nearly twenty meters long, with black scales all over its body, carefully held the big dog with one front paw like a tender baby, and met the eyes of the Mastiff with its dead prismatic eyes. After a moment, the figure disappeared in a flash.
Immediately afterwards, the big dog’s restrained body regained its freedom. It stood up tremblingly, and when Zhang Lisheng pulled it forward again, it had returned to the docility it had in the pet shop.
After walking the dog out of the alley, Zhang Lisheng stopped a taxi and went to a large car dealership.
/After choosing a medium-sized and powerful Land Rover Defender, and spending an extra five thousand yuan to modify the window glass into dark bulletproof glass within two hours, he finally made all preparations in an orderly manner. Drive out of downtown Honolulu and toward the parking lot at the end of the road.
On the way, Zhang Lisheng thought that his act of driving the witch bugs to kill Kesidia unscrupulously in the early morning would inevitably attract the attention of the Hawaii police. Zhang Lisheng was already prepared for the possibility of encountering the police car handling the case and even being interrogated by the police.
But when he approached the parking lot, he couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw a group of American professional soldiers wearing tight light camouflage uniforms and holding long guns standing next to two armed armored vehicles blocking the road on a hot summer afternoon.
“Why would there be soldiers blocking the road? It should be just an ordinary criminal case. Even if there were witnesses who saw the monster and I destroyed the video, who would believe it…
Oh, hell, could it be regarded as a terrorist attack? How could the army be so fast? To re

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