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ghtly, sat upright, and said: “Come on, give it to you Give me a chance to see how solemn Director Zuo’s thanks are!”


Mar 26, 2024

ghtly, sat upright, and said: “Come on, give it to you Give me a chance to see how solemn Director Zuo’s thanks are!”
Zuo Yuxi blushed, crawled over from the sofa, came up to Wen Liang’s face and kissed her gently, and then touched Wen Liang’s hand. He ran away from him and said with a smile: “Is this solemn enough?”
Wen Liang stretched out his hands into claws and made a hungry tiger posture, and said: “It seems that there is a big difference in the understanding of ‘solemn’ between men and women. , Sister Zuo, let my brother teach you what true ‘solemnity’ is!”
/As soon as he finished speaking, he was suddenly frightened by a loud shout at the door and almost fell to the ground.
“Wen Liang, what are you doing?”
Zuo Yuxi hid in the corner of the sofa with her hands and knees, and immediately laughed forward and backward. Wen Liang’s face almost fell down, and he turned around with drooped shoulders and said: “Teacher Ye, I’m following Director Zuo is reporting to study. Are you back from shopping?”
Ye Yuting was carrying a vegetable basket. It seemed that she had just gone to the supermarket to buy things. No wonder Zuo Yuxi was confident and not afraid that Wen Liang would execute her on the spot. It turned out that the foreshadowing was buried here.
“Reporting to study? Humph,” Ye Yuting sneered twice, put the vegetable basket in the kitchen, walked into the living room, grabbed Wen Liang’s ear, and said, “How many times? There is no class today, huh? Do you still remember where the classroom door opens?”
Wen Liang went to Su Hai for two days, was busy with the central kitchen for two days, and was delayed for two days with Qinghe’s design, so it has been six days. Ye Yuting couldn’t help but be angry since she hadn’t been to school.
“Well, I haven’t been feeling well recently. I asked for leave from the leader. I forgot to tell Teacher Ye. Don’t be offended. I’ll make up for the leave later.”
Ye Yuting didn’t believe his lies and said, “Boss? Director Hua, or… Principal Zhang, which leader approved your leave?”
Wen Liang tilted his body, pointed at Zuo Yuxi, and grinned: “This, the leader of the Zuo Bureau, is older than the two you mentioned, right?”
Ye Yuting smiled, let go of her hand, and said: “You’re young, but you’re an old cunning guy!”
Zuo Yuxi had already told her that Wen Liang had a lot of things going on recently, and it was true that he couldn’t go to school. She wasn’t angry at all, but she just saw that his sister was doing nothing, so she didn’t know what he was doing. Came here deliberately to cause trouble.
Uncle Wen was so wronged that he beat him home in a rage, and even got into the taxi of the guy who was bargaining with him again. In view of the fact that the two of them had such an impression of each other that night. Profound and instantly recognizable. After looking at each other for a while, Wen Liang felt that this was too weird, so Wen Liang simply got out of the car, and the guy drove away without saying a word.
When he got home, he met Wen Huaiming, wh

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