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d by relying on CCTV, but he did not know how to respect other media in the same way as CCTV, so arrogance must pay a price.


Mar 25, 2024

d by relying on CCTV, but he did not know how to respect other media in the same way as CCTV, so arrogance must pay a price.
Wen Liang was sitting in Zuo Jing’s office, with Xue Sheng accompanying him. Zuo Jing had a serious look on his face and said straight to the point, “I’m inviting you here this time. Director Xue wants to consult with you about the situation facing Lingqu Liquor. Let’s see. Let’s see if there is any way to remedy the situation. Director Xue, if you have anything you want to ask, please ask Mr. Wen carefully!”
Perhaps because he knew Wen Liang’s current identity, or perhaps he was overwhelmed by the current situation, Xue Sheng’s attitude has changed a lot from before, and he has become much more humble. He poured a cup of tea for Wen Liang with his own hands and said, “Mr. Wen, it’s all my fault for being blind. I didn’t listen to your warning before, which led to what happened today.” You can’t drink because of the situation, so I, Old Xue, will offer tea instead of wine to apologize to you!”
Although Xue Sheng has some shortcomings, he is very upright and straightforward, not a sinister person. Wen Liang can’t argue with him, and said with a smile: “
Mr. , saying that they had grasped some bad situations and were going to communicate with me to see if there was any misunderstanding. I thought I was a tabloid reporter from somewhere, so I took a few photos and asked for red envelopes, but I never thought it was ” People from the Economic Observer ignored him and asked the guard to send him away.”
Wen Liang has no intention of commenting on this emotional intelligence. After all, every era has its own limitations, and we cannot use the behaviors that future generations will take for granted. It is unfair and unscientific to judge people at this time.
“What happened after that?”
/“The other party called us twice after that, but they didn’t attract enough attention. After the article was published in the newspaper, the people below made a briefing and showed it to me. It’s a layman’s talk. Everyone is drinking wine. What he did was that even Moutai Wuliangye was fake, and it wasn’t adulteration or forgery. He didn’t understand anything at all. As for factories and production lines, we just spent tens of millions to introduce the most advanced production lines from abroad. Why didn’t we report it? The three buildings under construction are Why aren’t you reporting on the new factory area with a thousand acres of land?” Xue Sheng was still angry when talking about it, and complained: “Today’s newspaper reporters have no quality at all, they will just make up random things to attract attention.”
/Xue Sheng’s words are not bad. When the output is insufficient, It is common in the wine industry to buy other companies’ original wine and blend it. As long as it is not blended with edible alcohol and water, it is generally not a big problem. However, the point is that after the report of the “Economic Observer”, the public has preconceived judgments. Once they misunderstand Formed, it w

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