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being popular!”


Mar 25, 2024

Wen Liang knew the pain, so he smiled and thanked him: “It’s a fluke, it’s just a fluke!”
Others also shouted in the same way: “Squad leader, please take more care of Class 6 in the future.”
“Yes, squad leader, again Can you turn a blind eye to your brothers in Class 6 who are caught skipping exercises during recess, sleeping in the afternoon, smoking and drinking?” ”
You are not sensible, aren’t you making things difficult for the class monitor? According to me, it’s better than that. If the weather is going to be inspected, please inform us in advance, hehe!”
“Yes, yes, that’s it!”
Wen Liang smiled and said nothing. Some people here were speaking from the bottom of their hearts, while others were deliberately trying to get rid of him. If it really happened on the spot If you agree to them, whatever you do in the future will be wrong.
/Hua Xieqie pressed her hand and signaled the audience to keep quiet, and said: “Now, please invite Wen Liang to come to the stage to give a speech!”
Wen Liang did not expect this to happen, and Hua Xieque did not explain it to him in advance. I don’t know if it was an impromptu idea. , or forgot to mention it. However, it made no difference to him whether he was prepared for this small scene or not. He walked out of the queue and walked onto the stage in front of the crowd.
/There was a burst of laughter from the audience, and many people began to turn their heads to look for the three people Wen Liang mentioned. Some even jumped up when they were far away. Hua Magpie was most afraid of someone speaking on stage, and the audience was in chaos, but after looking at Wen Liang, he wisely decided to shut up!
“Of course, appearance is given by our parents. It is determined by DNA and has nothing to do with us. But is the only beauty of a person only the beauty of his face? I can’t see it. If this person is more knowledgeable, Is it beautiful to be knowledgeable, humorous, and approachable? If this person is positive, hard-working, and happy and sunny, is it beautiful? So, for us high school students, what is real beauty? I borrowed a poem; Poems and books are so beautiful! As long as you sleep less in class, be less lazy after class, and do the right things at the right time, when others point at you, they will praise you like this: Look, Qingyizhong, as expected An outstanding person.”
The audience fell into an unspeakable silence. Some people did not react for a moment because no one had ever reasoned with them in such a humorous way. Many people tilted their heads and thought carefully about Wen Liang’s words.
Wen Liang didn’t take it seriously, smiled slightly, and said: “Secondly, I’m not too tall, so I don’t need to name you. The students standing in the last row in every class are much taller than me. What? I A female classmate in the row in front asked, what’s so good about being tall? Of course it’s good to be tall. Let me quote another poem: When it rains, you can use an umbrella to cover your head. When it’s hot, you can use the tree as a

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