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Mar 25, 2024

“Two, five, ten, four, five, twenty.” With Jiang Mei’s help, more than ten minutes later, the couple finally counted a large pile of small bills with different denominations in their hands, “Meimei, where do you have them?” How many?” Zhang Xiaojun asked Jiang Mei impatiently.
“Two hundred and eighteen!” Jiang Mei said calmly.
/“What, only more than two hundred?” Zhang Xiaojun’s eyes widened, and his voice suddenly became louder, “Did you count wrong? I think your pile of money is more than mine, so why is it only more than two hundred?”
“You don’t believe it. Just count the money yourself!” Jiang Mei said with a cold face, directly stuffing a pile of one-two, five-ten yuan bills into Zhang Xiaojun’s hand.
“Junba, how many do you have in your hand?” Xie Decui on the side said anxiously like an ant on a hot pot, unable to wait for Zhang Xiaojun to check.
/“Only one hundred and eighty-one!” Zhang Xiaojun said with a grimace, but he had no urge to count again.
“Meimei’s 218, plus your 181, so our turnover today is only 399, not even 400 yuan?” Xie Decui’s face also fell, with a look of disbelief.
“399, 399 Meimei, what you said, Wang Jichang’s gross income per day is almost 2,000 yuan, and ours is only 400 yuan today, which is less than one-fifth of others. How could this happen? How could this happen?” Zhang Xiaojun murmured to himself His expression was exactly the same as his mother’s, with a face full of shock and disbelief.
Zhang Xiaojun’s eyes were red and his thoughts were confused. The poor performance at today’s opening gave him a bad estimate of today’s revenue. He had seen the huge crowds and the hard-to-find grand occasion when the “Zeng Sister Rice Noodles” flagship store opened, but what about his own “Jiang Sister Rice Noodles”? Not to mention non-peak hours, even during the morning peak and lunch peak, the two peak periods for the snack business, the attendance rate of “Jiang Jie Rice Noodles” is only 60-70%, and even 80% None! Such a scene, which is like a world of ice and fire with “Zeng’s Rice Noodles”, makes Zhang Xiaojun dare not overestimate his own turnover.
But no matter how high the estimate is, in his estimation, it should be about five or six hundred, right? Wang Jichang’s daily revenue is more than 2,000 yuan. The area of ??his store is about the same as that of the other party’s flagship store, and the number of tables in the store is not much less than that of the other party. Today’s business, no matter how bad it is, should be a quarter of the other party’s, right? The other party has two thousand yuan, so even if I have a quarter, I should still have 500 yuan! But it’s only 399, not even 400!
How is it possible, how could this happen?
400 yuan. According to his mother’s calculation just now, his family of three worked so hard from morning to night and only earned seventy or eighty yuan, not even a hundred yuan! What the fuck!
Something’s wrong! There must be something wrong here!
“Mom, Meimei, I think there’s something wrong here. Today’s business is noth

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