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their forties.”


Mar 21, 2024

their forties.”
/Although we met by chance, it was normal to get to know each other in the VIP terminal. There was nothing to do, and many passengers were chatting with each other.
But Li Xiaolei is better at chatting.
The American overseas Chinese in front of me has a good background. His business card has several titles such as “Director of the North American Chinese Development Promotion Association” and “Member of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce”. The name of the company is also very resounding: Pan American Investment Group, and he is a member of the group at a young age. Senior Vice President.
When it came to investment, Li Xiaolei showed great interest.
Lin Quansheng was very talkative and answered all questions. He even took out several materials from his suitcase to introduce the business he planned to expand when he returned to China. Engaged in precious metals investment, the Pan American Investment Group he works for is both a brokerage company and a trading platform. But is it legal and compliant to solicit Chinese citizens to speculate in precious metals such as US gold and silver?
“Mrs. Han, there are definitely risks, but compared with domestic stock futures, the risk of investing in gold is much smaller. In recent years, with inflation and depreciation of the RMB, the stock market and futures market are dominated by bankers, and there are only a few retail investors who can Make money? The real estate market is full of bubbles. House prices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are more expensive than those in New York and London. If you say it crashes, it will crash.”
/Yes, the current housing prices are a bit outrageous.” Although he is not interested in investing in gold, Li Xiaolei was convinced by his analysis.
“Investing in gold is different. If you are worried about risks, you don’t have to use leverage. The stock will fall to nothing, and you may never be able to recover if you invest in it. But where can gold fall if it falls? It is hard currency. It’s a value-preserver.”
No wonder he was so enthusiastic. No wonder he took the initiative to hand out business cards when he met by chance. It turned out that he wanted to develop customers.
He was eloquent and talked endlessly, and the VIP terminal became his promotion venue. Many passengers gathered around him, business cards were handed out in circles, and dozens of promotional materials were distributed.
Investment is too far away for Han Bo. The only investments in these years have been those companies and agricultural foundations that were forced by Lao Lu to invest in Liangzhuang. He has never speculated in stocks, let alone speculated in riskier futures.
No matter how fantastic his talk was, he had no interest in it at all and simply sat aside and laughed without saying a word.
But when I looked at him, I suddenly felt that he looked familiar, as if I had seen him somewhere, but no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t remember it. It seemed that I had never seen him before.
His ancestral home is F

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