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a digital camera, feeling restless and hesitant.


Mar 21, 2024

a digital camera, feeling restless and hesitant.
Their current job was also done by Han Bo when he officially served as a police liaison officer. Going abroad to pursue fugitives and recover stolen goods was often a “one-day trip.”
The public security treatment was not high, and there were fewer opportunities to go abroad. Han Bo could understand their mood at this moment, and simply turned around and smiled: “Xiao Jiang, Wang Rui, it’s rare to go abroad once, so take as many pictures as you want. The scenery here is so beautiful. , does not require any photography skills, just press the shutter button and it can be used as a computer desktop.”
“No, we are working on a case.”
Zhao Jingwei did not want his subordinates to feel that he was unkind, so he smiled casually: “Shoot, shoot. Wan Haijing, help me take a photo with Counselor Han and Qu Chu.”
The two lesbians were in high spirits, snickering and clicking away.
Han Bo posed and asked them to take a photo of him and Director Zhao while introducing it like a tour guide: “This road leads to the tourist resort Seal Island, which is also a small town. Most of the people living in this area are Dutch people from South Africa. The descendants are what we often call the Boers, the relatively wealthy Boers. The housing prices here are different from those in China. They are similar to those in Europe and the United States. Those in the urban areas are relatively cheap, while those in the suburbs are expensive. The further away from the city, the more elegant the environment. The housing prices The more expensive it is. If you want to buy a villa here, it will cost at least four to five million rand.”
“A sea view villa will definitely not be cheap.”
Jiang Jianli sighed, and suddenly asked with an embarrassed look: “Counsellor Han, I Can I take a photo with you?”
/“Yes. When I see a fellow countryman, my eyes well up with tears. Besides, we are not only fellow countrymen but also fellow travelers. It is fate that we can meet each other in a foreign country. Come on, one by one, and finish the song with me. We took a group photo here, including Secretary Liu.”
Talking, laughing, and taking photos, time flew by.
Unconsciously, the destination was reached, and a small town built on the hillside of the Indian Ocean Bay on the east coast of Cape Town appeared in front of us. The elegant and unique small buildings on the hillside facing the sea are very beautiful. The orderly and colorful houses are quietly nestled in the embrace of the mountains, bringing people a sense of tranquility and elegance.
“Mr. Han, let’s wait here. Jimmy will check the town first and make sure the target is at home before taking action.”
“Okay, we won’t get out of the car.” Han Bo watched Commander Paul running over in a hurry and quickly rolled up the window.
Tour buses passed by one after another. A few cars parked on the roadside would not arouse the suspicion of the town residents. The mountainside was full of villas. I didn’t know which one Yu Qingfang lived

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