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ication, so that you can not only legally possess the imitation ‘Eye of Death’, but also other Weapons can be held legally!” Jim operated on the ID bracelet again, called up an authorization document, and passed it to David.


Dec 17, 2023

David opened the authorization document and looked at it carefully.
This authorization document was granted to David Kerr by the Perrin City Defense Brigade. As long as David confirms this authorization document, he will become a reserve combatant of David Kerr, the Perrin City Defense Brigade, and can legally own and use it, including sniping. Guns and other individual hot weapons, as well as the right to purchase corresponding accessories and ammunition from the military.
There was some hesitation on David’s face. He didn’t know whether this reserve combatant would affect his subsequent high school life, or even the college entrance examination.
“David, these reserve combatants are just to include you in the city defense. They will not have any other impact on you. As long as you respond to the call when a major battle occurs, there has been no major battle in Perrin City for twenty years. Got it!” Jim saw David’s hesitation and explained with a smile.
“Thank you!” David confirmed the authorization document. The authorization document was stored in David’s identity bracelet, and his information on Skynet was also updated at the same time.
“David, I won’t hurt you!” Jim said with a smile.
“Jim, with such a good thing, why don’t you think about me?” Myron on the side asked dissatisfiedly while holding up the ‘Eye of Death’ replica.
/“Myron, if you had David’s ability, I would do it for you!” Jim looked at Myron and said.
You must know that although Jim seemed to be using his power in handling this matter, it was in compliance with formal procedures and military discipline.
David’s sniping ability can indeed be useful in wartime and win over a future soldier, and he is also a sniper soldier. This is what the military does normally.
Although there are many soldiers in Peilan City, they are actually divided into three parties. The soldiers who serve the military are only external and do not participate in the affairs of Peilan City.
The number of soldiers serving the government is small, but they have to manage a large number of civilian soldiers, which forces the government to often borrow local civilian soldiers.
Talented young people like David are exactly what the military needs to win over. Even if they will not become members of the military in the future, they must have a good relationship with the military.
“Jim, you underestimate me too much. After I am admitted to Na’an University and become a soldier, I won’t even look at this kind of authorization document in front of me!” Myron said arrogantly.
Although he said this, he also knew how popular the city defense brigade’s reserve combat personnel were, and they could legally possess a variety of thermal weapons. This alone was enough to seduce most people.
Besides, if there is a war in Perrin City, can we avoid it by hiding?

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