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nary backside and the ground, and beneath it was David.


Dec 17, 2023

This forced David to be cautious and not dare to be careless.
As long as one hit fails, David will have to bear Heisi Chaofan’s counterattack. If it weren’t for the threat Heisi Chaofan just said, David would not be able to take such a big risk.
Heisi Chaofan came into contact with David’s reverse scale. David’s heart was filled with murderous intent, but it was hidden by the ability of the ‘Sniper Master’. The suppressed murderous intent was about to be transformed into the most fatal blow.
Shadow Attendant was suspended on the side of Heisi Chaofan, observing Heisi Chaofan’s every move, waiting for the most likely opportunity.
Heisi Chaofan kept cursing in his mouth, and he began to deal with the broken bone in his shoulder. When he pressed his right hand on the broken bone in his left shoulder, his whole body couldn’t help but tremble. This was a natural reaction to pain.
This natural reaction gave David a chance to take action. David saw through the Shadow Warrior’s eyes that Hess’ extraordinary attention was affected by the pain, and immediately launched an attack with all his strength.
The first step is to call out the ‘spiritual piercing’ from the soul, and attack Hess extraordinary together with the ‘high-frequency sound wave’.
At the same time as he struck it, the ‘Supernormal Army Thorn’ in David’s hand also pierced out.
Originally, the speed of ‘Psychic Puncture’ and ‘High Frequency Sound Wave’ reached Heisi Chaofan’s body faster than the speed of attacking underground. However, the ‘Supernormal Military Spike’ had space capabilities. When his arm was thrust out, his arm appeared. He made a short-range space jump and pierced the carpet with the ‘supernormal military thorn’, piercing into the extraordinary lower part of Heiss.
‘Spiritual puncture’ directly entered Heisi Chaofan’s soul. Heisi Chaofan, who was already affected by pain, was tortured by the sudden soul pain, making him unable to judge where the pain started.
Normally, ‘Spiritual Puncture’ would not be able to successfully enter Heisi’s extraordinary soul, because each extraordinary person’s spirit is very high, which greatly reduces the effect of ‘Spiritual Puncture’.
But Heisi Chaofan was feeling pain at the time, which completely disabled his sense of danger, and ‘spiritual puncture’ penetrated directly into his soul.
/The ‘high-frequency sound wave’ also hit Heisi Chaofan shortly afterwards. The terrifying sound wave attacked his hearing, and then affected his brain, causing him to feel dizzy.
When the ‘Extraordinary Military Thorn’ pierced the carpet, Heisi Chaofan actually felt something, but he was affected by ‘Psychic Puncture’ and ‘High Frequency Sound Wave’ at the same time, making him unable to control his own thoughts, let alone react. .
/This was exactly what David needed. The ‘Supernormal Army Spur’ penetrated into Heisi Chaofan’s buttocks, and then the petrification effect occurred. In an instant, part of Heiss Chaofan’s lower abdomen turned into stone.
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