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every six hours, which also means that this ability can only be used as a trump card.


Dec 17, 2023

Of course, it is impossible for him to use it often. This ability is too weird, and anyone who sees it must kill it, otherwise there will most likely be trouble.
/Days went by as usual, and a few more days passed, and calm returned to the battle star’s front line.
Of course, this kind of calmness is relative. If hundreds of thousands of Zerg attack the defense line every day, it can be considered calm.
However, the Battle Star Military Headquarters has sufficient reinforcements, and the defense line is back under control at all costs.
David also went to the frontline base defense line to participate in defensive battles every day, as before, and replenished some soul energy every day.
Originally, he thought that this kind of day would continue for a while. This morning, he was preparing to go to the frontline base defense line, but he was called to the office by Babington Extraordinary.
“David, sit down first and take a look at this document!” Babington Chaofan saw David, pointed to the chair beside him and said.
Babington then sent a document to David’s identity bracelet, and David opened the document after receiving it.
This is an order from the military to mobilize David to participate in a secret mission.
“Babington, do you know what the mission is?” David looked at the Battle Star military mark on the document, but there was no detailed mission description, and he couldn’t help but raise his head and asked.
Military tasks were usually assigned to Chaofan, but he had never heard of such a direct order for a soldier like David to participate.
It’s just that David hasn’t heard of it, so David needs to ask Babington, who has more experience.
“I have inquired privately. This mission is a joint operation between the Divine World and the Interstellar Federation. The mission level is very high, and the details of the specific mission are unknown!” Babington replied with extraordinary helplessness.
Tasks like this are rare for Babington Extraordinary, and they are usually major tasks.
“I heard that you can choose whether to participate in extraordinary missions. Why is my job a direct order and I can’t even refuse?” David continued to ask.
“David, it should be that the military department has read your previous records. Some of your special abilities have been noticed by the military department. Missions like this where both worlds are involved are usually extremely important tasks. The level of personnel dispatched Very high. Even if you are participating in it, you are also assisting. It should not be very dangerous. This kind of task is a mandatory task for the military. There is no room for refusal. After all, you are still a soldier!” Babington Chaofan actually didn’t quite understand. I just replied based on my own thoughts.
David nodded. He had many ways to save his life, so he didn’t care about the danger of participating in the mission. As long as he didn’t encounter that kind of fifth-level Zerg, he was confid

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