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Dec 17, 2023

Originally, there was no Gauss cannon in the base. Gauss cannons require specially trained gunners to hit accurately. The defensive missiles are easy to operate and can automatically track targets. The base is not a military base, and there are no students who specialize in learning Gauss cannons. Here All the students are soldiers.
But after learning the identity of David, the sniper master, the academy immediately purchased three Gauss cannons and erected them in the frontal defense position of the base.
“As long as there is enough ammunition, I can guarantee that no second-level Zerg can get close to the front of the base!” David assured in a deep voice.
The three Gauss cannons can be used in rotation. With the increased power, they can also stably attack at a frequency of once per second, with a distance of up to five kilometers.
It can be said that at a distance of five kilometers, with an attack speed of one per second, unless the second-level Zerg forms a huge scale, it will be difficult for the second-level Zerg to break into the base.
/Once the second-level Zerg forms a huge scale, it will be the target of defensive missiles. It can use the least amount of defensive missiles to produce the greatest effect.
With David, a sniper master, the pressure of defense was greatly reduced, making everyone present feel relaxed.
In fact, the pressure on the two extraordinarys is greater than that on David. If there is a wave of second-level Zerg, it is very likely that a third-level Zerg will appear. At that time, it will be a battle between two extraordinarys.
The strength of the third-level Zerg that can drive so many Zerg must be extremely terrifying, so Dunbar Chaofan hopes that David can help deal with the third-level Zerg.
“Principal Lake is not here?” Until the end of the meeting, David finally couldn’t help asking.
“The principal went to the Srila Combat Academy base. The defense facilities there have not been built yet. It is difficult to resist the insect tide. Although the Srila Combat Academy has mobilized a lot of combat power, it still asked the principal to go over and help. But as long as there are people here, If necessary, the principal will return immediately!” Kenny said helplessly.
Of course Kenny Chaofan couldn’t tell the interests in front of everyone, so he could only explain it briefly.
When David walked out of the conference room, his ID bracelet’s permissions at the base were increased, and the three Gauss cannons were set to be usable by him.
“Master David, wait!” While David was walking and checking his identity bracelet, Green caught up with him from behind.
“President Green, what’s the matter?” David turned around and asked.
“Don’t call me president, just call me Green. I have always wanted to find a chance to thank you, but unfortunately I haven’t found the opportunity. In the future, if you have anything to do, just give me orders. As long as it is within the authority of the president, I will definitely listen to you!” Green solemnly said said.
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