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Dec 17, 2023

He drove the hover car towards his home on Huayuan Road in Yumsan District.
This distance is a bit long and requires crossing three zones, each with an area full of trees between them.
/It was still very bright when he arrived, and because he set off early, he first went to the direction of the Presidential Palace, which seemed to have disrupted some people’s plans, but he did not encounter any trouble.
When he returned now, David sensed following him as soon as he left the reception.
To be honest, he is not worried about his safety at all. Now that he is not wearing armor, he is more relaxed when facing the extraordinary than when he was wearing armor before.
The main thing is to be careful not to reveal your identity. Arthur’s identity is not a soldier, let alone a soldier who can kill extraordinary soldiers.
So once you encounter trouble, you must silence yourself 100%.
There is a forest ahead, and the hover car needs to pass through a road in the forest.
Because the Origin Star has strict regulations, the hover vehicle can only fly close to the ground, so David can only pass through the woods.
The hover car is driving on a forest road, and the trees overhead almost completely cover the road.
But now he can’t wait for someone to trouble him, because he needs a lot of soul energy.
It is very difficult to get soul energy on the Origin Star. The only way is to take advantage of someone to cause trouble for him and kill him.
People like this who dare to take action outside the city of Origin Star will remove hidden dangers in advance, avoid some surveillance, and make sufficient preparations before taking action.
David’s perception was correct. Not long after entering the woods, two soldiers wearing exoskeleton armor appeared in front of them, blocking the road ahead.
Behind him, two soldiers got off a hover vehicle, and the four soldiers completely blocked David’s path from front to back.
David was a little stunned, and then he realized that he had thought wrong.
Although Chaofan wants his fourth-level equipment, Chaofan doesn’t need to catch him personally. An ordinary person like him who has no combat power will take a liking to him even if he sends out several soldiers.
David frowned. He did not get off the hover car. Instead, he took out the ‘Extraordinary Army Spur’ and used the ‘Poison’ ability to add level 4 poison to the ‘Extraordinary Army Spur’.
Then he handed the ‘Extraordinary Army Spur’ to Shadow Warrior and put it into the space ring. A trace of his mind entered Shadow Warrior’s body, and Shadow Warrior passed through the hover car.
It was difficult for David to tell clearly how fast Shadow Waiter moved. Shadow Waiter’s range of activity was a hundred meters around his body.
/Since the bald man’s spirit dissipated, Shadow Warrior’s speed has increased instead of falling. In the past, it was the same as teleportation when returning. Now he can fly in any direction within a hundred meters and reach it in an instant.
David did not intend to take action himself, so that even if

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