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, the probability of losing control should be relatively low. Moreover, it is mainly to solve the current potential dangers, understand the essence of mysticism, and find the way to travel back. The only way to take this step is not to aim at a high-sequence “position”. If it is really easy to lose control, the worst case scenario is not to be promoted, but to stay in the original sequence and rely on knowledge to plan the “go home” matter.


Dec 17, 2023

Not to mention the hidden dangers behind. Klein still remembers the whispers that drove him nearly crazy and his head was about to explode when he used the “Transportation Ritual”. This cannot be avoided without becoming an extraordinary. In this case, he might as well master it. A force that can be resisted.
Thinking of this, Klein felt that the pros and cons were so clear that most of his thoughts of retreat disappeared.
Dunn picked up the pipe again and said with a smile in his gray eyes:
/“I can’t give an accurate answer to this matter. If you want to become an extraordinary person, you must first get enough credit. Maybe you can decipher key ancient documents tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, or provide very useful opinions on our case. Secondly, let’s see if there are any new ideas, no one can tell.”
“Okay, I think you should know Extraordinaries better and will no longer make impulsive choices in the future. Now let me introduce to you the civilian work of our Nighthawks team.”
He stood up, walked to the door, pointed in the opposite direction of “Chanis Gate” and said:
“We have an accountant, a person who is responsible for purchasing necessary items, receiving supplies from the church and the police department, and a part-time driver. They are all professionals and do not need to be rotated. They have Sunday off every week. The remaining three clerical workers, It’s Roxanne, Brett and Old Neil. Their jobs include: receiving visitors, cleaning the room, writing case documents and item declaration lists, and guarding the weapons, materials and literature library, and strictly registering entry and exit, collection and return, each person Each has one day off each week. Except for Sunday, there are also rotations of night duty and rest, which are all negotiated by oneself.”
“Rosanne and I do the same thing.” Klein put aside his thoughts about extraordinary people and confirmed his “job responsibilities.”
“Ah” Klein looked confused.
What “job” is this?
Is it very professional?
Dunn put his hands into the pockets of his black windbreaker and said:
“After it is confirmed that you have really lost your memory, the case of Welch and Naya will be closed. Similarly, the diary of the Antigonus family has completely disappeared. We suspect that you took it with you when you left. You hid it on the way home, so we didn’t find any clues at your home, which should be the possible reason why you committed suicide at home instead of at the scene.”
/“Although you were affected by the mystery and completely forgot this memory, the human spirit and brain are wonderful, and th

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