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did not move any more this time. He also knew that moving would not have much effect.


Dec 17, 2023

He activated the ‘Poison Poison’ talent ability and mentally drew a ‘Poison Poison Pattern’ to imbue the fourth grade ‘Slowing Heavy Sword’ in his hand with a fourth grade poison.
The seven extraordinary people maintained a tacit cooperation. No extraordinary person advanced, and no extraordinary person fell behind. They did not want David to get another chance.
Twenty meters, ten meters, and when they reached five meters away from David, David still made no move. The seven extraordinary ones attacked David at the same time.
David’s face showed a strange flush under his visor. He activated the ‘charged blow’ ability, and the ‘Epee Space Cutting’ was also activated.
He made no defensive moves, he was betting that his feeling was right. Although these extraordinary people wanted to kill him, they kept suppressing the murderous intention in their hearts.
David clearly sensed this feeling through his strong spirit, so he gave up his defense. As long as the seven extraordinary people did not kill him with one blow, he would give these extraordinary people the same counterattack.
The golden exoskeleton armor did not block the attacks of seven third-level weapons. The moment these extraordinary attacks landed on the golden exoskeleton armor, David also moved.
The ‘charged blow’ allowed him to explode all the power of his body in this blow, and the speed of this blow was also unparalleled.
David counterattacked when the seven supernatural beings hit him. The reason was that he needed this moment of timing so that he could be sure to attack all the supernatural beings at the same time.
David was not pursuing lethality. He just wanted the fourth-level ‘slowing sword’ in his hand to sweep through every extraordinary body, even if it only scratched a little skin.
When the seven extraordinary beings hit the golden exoskeleton armor, it was also when the seven extraordinary beings were closest to him, and when the seven extraordinary beings’ defense was at its weakest.
The burst of ‘charged blow’ prevented David from being affected by the serious injury to his body. He issued the strongest blow. The fourth-level ‘deceleration epee’ flew up and down in the air and drew a 360-degree arc. lock up.
The seven extraordinary people felt the danger. Some of them wanted to block, some wanted to retreat, and some wanted to increase their strength so that the weapons in their hands would force David to give up the attack.
/This is related to the characters of the extraordinary ones. Among them, only the two extraordinary ones who retreated were able to dodge David’s fourth-level ‘deceleration epee’ in time. The remaining five extraordinary ones were all blocked by the fourth-level ‘deceleration epee’. swept across the body.
The five extraordinary ‘extraordinary armors’ were unable to block the power of the fourth-level ‘Slowing Epee’ plus ‘Charged Blow’ plus ‘Epee Space Cutting’, although the injuries they suffered were extremely minor. But th

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