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rs!” Major Handel gritted his teeth and said.


Dec 17, 2023

Major Handel was full of reluctance. If he had really done it, he would have admitted it, but before he did anything, he was charged with a felony.
/This is not an ordinary felony. Those who can serve as captains of battleships or fleets in the military are basically elite officers in the military. If three such officers die, Major Handel may be executed.
So Major Handel also let go and expressed his thoughts.
“I heard that the judge of the Tongtuo Star Territory Military Court is a graduate of the Federal Military Academy and can be regarded as my senior. It seems that I need to pay a visit!” David said lightly.
Major Handel feels threatened by David, and the verdict of the military court judge determines his fate.
“Take him away, I don’t want to see this kind of traitor again!” David waved his hand and said to the law enforcement soldiers on the side.
The law enforcement captain saw David’s dissatisfaction with Major Handel, and Major Handel had framed David verbally before, so he made a gesture when the law enforcement soldiers escorted Major Handel.
Of course David also saw the gesture, but pretended not to.
Major Handel was taken to the cell, and he was lucky enough to see Elbert Chaofan. At this time, Elbert Chaofan’s whole body was twitching, and there was yellow liquid on the ground.
The hairs all over Major Handel’s body stood up. A powerful extraordinary turned into this, which shows how the law enforcement soldiers treated Elbert’s extraordinary.
/He turned his head and saw the ferocious smile on the face of the law enforcement soldier, and then screams came from the cell.
Three days later, David looked at the report from the law enforcement team displayed on the light screen, which showed the interrogation process of Major Handel.
Major Handel admitted that he had received benefits from Lied Military Industry and promised to help the other party bring people into the base, but Major Handel denied that he participated in the murder of David.
David used his identity bracelet to connect to Skynet and looked up information about Lead Military Industry.
Li De Military Industry is a weapons manufacturing company in the Tongtuo Star Territory. Its scale is not large, and its total assets are only about 10 billion credit points.
However, this is already a very big enterprise in the Tongtuo Star Territory. This is related to the geographical location of the Tongtuo Star Territory itself. It is located in the most remote airspace of the Interstellar Federation. Both the market and the overall demand are very limited.
Lid Military Industry supplies a small part of the arms to the Tongtuo Star Territory Army. David saw the shadow of the Tongtuo Star Territory Military Department, and he suspected that it was also related to Lieutenant General Kenneth.
“You really look up to me!” David shook his head and sighed.
Major Handel of the Logistics Department, whom David had always considered reliable, had also been bribed, which meant that all the senior officer

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