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me to talk to you!” Barham yelled angrily, and then he turned to Cotton and said: “Enoch needs immediate treatment, captain, let’s abandon the mission and call for rescue!”


Dec 17, 2023

“We give up the mission!” Cotton nodded.
As soon as David heard that Cotton had given up the mission, his figure flashed in front of a ‘Golden-armored Pincer’, and the second-grade heavy ax in his hand struck at the joint of the ‘Golden-armored Pincer”s neck.
The ‘Golden Pincer’ was attacking the group of soldiers. At this time, it instinctively felt the danger. It wanted to block it with its pincers, but its movements were still slow. The second-grade heavy ax in David’s hand had already struck the ‘Golden Pincer’. The beetle’s neck junction.
This blow opened a long crack at the joint of the neck of the ‘Golden Pincer’, but it did not cause fatal damage.
Being able to cause such damage with one blow was already the result of David’s perfect exertion of force. The half-step perfect mastery of the heavy ax plus the strength of a high-level armor caused such damage.
However, this was also expected by David. He had already predicted that the second-level heavy ax would not be able to completely break through the defense of the ‘Golden Armored Pincer’, even if it hit the weakest part of the ‘Golden Armored Pincer’ It’s the same everywhere.
He retracted the second-grade heavy ax in his hand and turned his body in a circle, just in time to avoid the attack of the injured ‘Golden Armored Pincer’. Then he hit the ‘Golden Armored Pincer’ with another heavy ax and injured him. s position.
The vitality of the ‘Golden Pincer’ is very strong. This blow will be fatal to other creatures, but it still has the energy to attack David again.
/David’s body seemed to be folded, and he easily passed the attack of the ‘Golden Pincer’. The second-level heavy ax in his hand once again completed the charging process and slashed hard.
This attack directly cut open the neck of the ‘Golden Pincer’, so that only part of the skin of the ‘Golden Pincer’ head was connected to its body.
The ‘golden-armored pincer’ fell to the ground with a bang, and just two seconds had passed since David took action, and he had already killed a ‘golden-armored pincer’.
Seeing that their companions were killed, the two ‘Golden Pincers’ gave up their attack target and rushed towards David instead.
Cotton stopped calling for rescue, and his companions stared blankly at David. It was hard to believe that a ‘Golden Pincer’ fell down in just two seconds.
David did not hide his strength this time. The ‘Ultimate Speed’ and ‘Power Shock’ talents were activated at the same time.
The attacks of the two ‘Golden-armored Pincers’ all failed due to the sudden increase in David’s speed. David did not retreat, but rushed close to one of the ‘Golden-armored Pincers’.
It is extremely dangerous to get close to the Zerg at any time.
The huge force induced by the powerful body of the ‘Golden Pincer’ is enough to seriously injure David no matter where it hits any part of David’s body. Even the customiz

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