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would be difficult for ordinary painters to splash ink in this bathroom full of water vapor.


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In his previous life, in addition to practicing Taoism, Zhu Peng had a wide range of interests and hobbies. He studied painting, instrumental music, tea art and chess. Moreover, because he was smart and clever, he could spend a lot of money to hire famous experts, so he understood very quickly. Most of them They are all quite accomplished, and at this moment he devoted himself to painting, which added a lot of beauty and brightness to the whole picture.
Chapter 047 Beauty and accidents, the power of seven evil eyes
To be fair, although the girl who is just in her teens at this moment has dazzling jade-white skin and incredibly soft and smooth skin, she is not overly beautiful and can only be considered a person of average appearance. . Although monks practice physical training and develop ten times better than ordinary people in the outside world, after all, due to age limitations, Master Li at this time is plump and has a bit of baby fat cuteness, and therefore is not as graceful and perfect as Su Yu of the same age. Only Zhu Peng himself knew how beautiful this girl would become after going through puberty in a few years. And before this excellent ‘potential stock’ was discovered by others, Zhu Peng had already decided to lock her in completely. .
/“Zhu Zhu, go back, or I will never pay attention to you again.” Li Shishi has never experienced this kind of thing. Although girls in the past liked to stick to Zhu Peng, it was just the girl’s deep liking. How could she think of the past? That dull, dull wood that often ignored him would suddenly become so intense today.
/He seems to have sensed the girl’s grievance, but Zhu Peng knows the temperament of the girl in front of him too well. If he really gives up and retreats at this time, he may have to go through many twists and turns if he wants to get close to the girl in the future. It is better to use strong medicine now. , completely overpowering Master Li’s seemingly strong and aggressive temperament, but actually soft and submissive inside. As long as you completely impress this kind of girl once, her softness and gentleness in the future will all depend on the man’s temperament. What’s more, at this moment, there seemed to be an evil fire burning in Zhu Peng’s heart and eyes, making him want to stop.
“I don’t know why I’m like this. Maybe I practiced too much some time ago and got a little angry. In short, I know this is what I’m thinking now. I just want to draw you at this moment.”
The brush in his hand kept swaying, and Zhu Peng’s eyes staring closely at the girl in the pool became more and more fiery. There seemed to be streams of bright red blood flowing inside, allowing Zhu Peng’s gaze to pass through easily. Through the eye-catching mist, you can easily see the beautiful lady inside.
The blood vessels in his head were beating more and more rapidly. Zhu Peng could almost vaguely hear a large amount of blood rushing in his own blood vessels. His eyes became mo

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