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them to a police officer and handle the matter.


Mar 15, 2024

them to a police officer and handle the matter.
It was a step too late, and it was not the criminal police team’s turn to search the video room. Zhu Yongmin could only do the next best thing: “Then what?”
Han Bo briefly introduced the incident. What he arrested was the current one. There were both witnesses and material evidence. The two suspects were facing each other. The criminal facts were confessed, and all the criminal police team had to do was follow-up work.
/The tall suspect was put into a police car and taken back for questioning slowly to see if there were any other criminal facts. The short suspect cannot be taken away for the time being. The Chengxi Police Station will naturally send him there after checking the black video room. The victim was frightened and it was not appropriate to go to the criminal police team, so they went to the factory to take notes.
/The Chengxi Police Station had helped when the night market was being rectified, so the security department could not stand by and watch. Gao Changxing had only learned to drive for a few days and was not skilled in driving. Others could not drive, so Han Bo had to act as a driver to accompany them.
The van that could only seat 8 people actually held 12 people. Wu Yongliang was packed like a meatloaf and was actually very happy. Fortunately, it was not far away and he would arrive in a short time.
A few of them were watching outside the window, and the others called the door together with police officer Lao Xia from the police station. They rushed in to find the video recorder and found the pornographic tape. Opening an illegal video parlor, suspected of spreading pornographic audio and video, there is no chance that any minors may have visited it, so they will naturally be taken back to the facility.
I couldn’t sit down when I got home, so I had to make two trips. I kept working until three in the morning, when the gang station sent the short suspect to the criminal police team before returning to the dormitory to rest.
“Chief Han, if you hadn’t had the foresight, something big would have happened this time. Is Ji Xiaojuan from the second workshop injured? Will she come to work today?”
“Chief Han, you are so powerful. If you catch the current situation, you will catch two. Better than the police!”
“Where did the two gangsters come from?”
“I heard they had knives. Did you resist when they were arrested?”
“Chief Han, you are amazing. I didn’t know until this morning that you patrolled at twelve o’clock every day. , secretly escorting us to and from work. It’s not too late to make amends. We listen to you. From now on, we will let our family members pick us up when we work night shifts. If no one picks us up, we will sleep in the factory.”
The security department has always been regarded as a freeloader and has always been on the fringes of the factory. People have never been so welcome.
It felt good to be welcomed and respected. Han Bo felt warm in his heart. He asked them to sit down and said with a smile: “It is the res

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