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nflower inheritance, has surpassed the current blood soul ridge in terms of foundation and future potential. Most people, not even me, dare to say that their future potential will definitely surpass Sunflower Descendants.”


Mar 12, 2024

Thinking about it, Zhu Peng naturally recalled the “inner war” again in his mind. The Taoist strongman who used the boundless innate skill of Qihai perfectly crushed the demonic skill with his powerful Qi Dao. The almost perfect Master of the Eastern Palace.
/For now, Zhu Peng’s understanding of the Sunflower Book is even slightly better than Zhu Sansan’s, just because he has seen the terrifying power of this set of magic skills after it is formed.
His body skills are ghostly and his escape speed is unparalleled, even faster than that of a swordsman. There is always only one flaw in the connection between the magic and physical skills when making a move. Moreover, the deeper the skill and the faster the speed, the more difficult it is to flaw this flaw. Capture, so it is not so much that the Sunflower Magic Skill is not perfect, but rather that it deliberately does not seek perfection. It just exposes that little flaw for you to chase, and easily introduces the opponent to the most terrifying speed aspect of the Magic Skill.
Moreover, not only is the fighting method relatively perfect, the Sunflower Book is almost comprehensively powerful, with true energy movement, shot speed, and movement escape speed, all so fast that when Wuyue Sword Cultivator besieged Heimu Cliff, in the fierce battle at the highest intensity Next, in the end, it was the Wuyue Sword Cultivator who had an absolute advantage in numbers who lost because he could not afford the consumption.
Zhu Peng deeply understands the terrifying power of this magic skill. It can be said that as long as you get started with the practice, you will become an absolute master in the future. Unfortunately, the necessary conditions for getting started are too deceptive.
If it weren’t for the “wielding a sword from the palace”, Zhu Peng was sure that he would never be able to resist the terrible temptation of this magical skill.
Shaking his head, he dispelled the longing in his heart. After all, it was a “necessary condition” that he could never achieve. Instead of facing the abyss, it would be better to look at the available resources in his hands, such as the theoretical book , the “Infinite Innateness” is stronger than the “Sunflower Collection”, Zhu Peng has vaguely guessed the origin of this set of skills, and at the same time, he secretly cast a sigh, Zhu Peng just learned from the memory fragments of the dead Songshan sword cultivator , if you get part of the inherited Taoist canon of this set of exercises, if you get a real handwritten copy, you will definitely gain more insights and benefits from it.
In the great plane of Immortal Dao, every earth-shaking secret skill is integrated into the operation of the Dao. As long as it is truly formed, even if its possessors and practitioners are dead, this set of powerful skills will not truly

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