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th dark red bottoms. The Purple Soul Sky Eyes circulated crazily and endlessly, but the amount of information was too huge. Even Zhu Peng instinctively used the Purple Soul Sky Eyes to divert the amount of information and relieve the information pressure.


Mar 12, 2024

In the frantic reorganization of massive information, Zhu Peng vaguely saw a giant with dazzling golden light all over his body roaring towards the sky. He saw that around the giant, there were countless cultivators stepping on flying swords. One of them had a cold look on his face. The Taoist priest, surrounded by countless cultivators, slowly flew to the golden giant and said something. His face was unclear in the slightly chaotic information flow, but Zhu Peng knew clearly that the man surrounded was Zuo Lengchan, the strongest swordsman in the Five Mountains, because the next moment, frost and ice fell, and the cold The dragon roared, and the moment of coldness and overwhelming pressure was like the Ice Age coming back and completely erupting in just a few seconds.
Then came the flying blood, the earth-shattering roar of the giant, the fierce battle, and the sharp sword light of the sword cultivator. In a trance, Zhu Peng seemed to see that during the fierce battle, there was a connecting air, a large purple air column connecting the heaven and the earth. He could maintain his own domain in the frosty heaven and earth that seemed to cover the entire world, and even once shocked the golden giant. During this period, every three lightning-like cold lights flashed, and the huge golden giant was Shangchuang. Everywhere.
This battle was so intense and attractive that Zhu Peng wanted to take a closer look, but felt his mind was confused for a while, and then the information turned to another aspect.
/This time, Zhu Peng watched from a high altitude from a third party’s perspective. Black flames surged out from the depths of the earth’s orifice and spread across the earth. The entire earth star was wrapped in endless black fire and black magma flows. All mortals in the world are dead, and only clever cultivators can fly for a long time and hide in the Jiutiangang Qi layer for survival. But the next moment, even the sky is no longer safe, and the incomparable darkness suddenly swallows up the entire Jiutiangang. Gas shield, the entire earth planet suddenly lost the protection of its atmosphere and gravity, and was completely exposed to the dark and cold cosmic plane.
The next moment, the endless original dark power penetrated into the deepest part of the Earth Star. Finally, the entire Earth Star exploded into a huge black hole, with power and absorption that even touched the entire Milky Way.
“The earth is destroyed and the sky is swallowed up. This is the earth being destroyed and the sky being swallowed up.”
Roaring madly mentally, Zhu Peng could not guarantee that his mood was stable at this moment. He had never seen the two limits of “earth destruction” and “swallowing the sky”. If he had seen it, he probably would not be alive now, but Zhu Peng But he just k

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