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prepared. If his true energy was slightly weak, he would immediately bite through the reply in his mouth. Yuandanwan, these are resources stolen from home. If he doesn’t get the results he wants, then Zhu Peng will really go back and take a beating.


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In the void, with the application of the technique, there are a large number of thick black and red poisons gathering and dispersing. The nature of health-preserving true energy is mainly generated, but when stimulated in reverse, it can also induce very terrible and violent poisons, like red scorpions. Zhipo is the most typical representative among them.
The poison of the red scorpion was summoned, and the thick black and red poisonous spirit essence was quickly poured into the ten puppet machines in front of Zhu Peng. Since it can be called domineering and fierce in high-level magic, of course, this kind of magic is suitable for The caster and the bearer themselves also mean terrible pressure.
/In addition, Zhu Peng did not condense the above-mentioned Taoist techniques. He can only use them when there are sufficient preparations in the weapon refining room, and he cannot use them to attack the enemy. He can only use them to forge magical weapons. It’s just for refining and blessing.
/Other monks can also do this kind of thing. Condensing four Taoist techniques does not mean that you are completely unable to use other Taoist techniques. It is just that in actual combat, Taoist magical powers that are not condensed in the body cannot be used in actual combat. Just meaning.
The soul of the high-level red scorpion was condensed and solidified bit by bit under the influence of Zhu Peng’s magic power. This process was not easy, and could even be said to be very difficult and terrifying. The ten puppet robots lost all their body materials during this process. Under the erosion of poison and earth fire, they all made low sounds that were stretched to the limit.
It seems that at any time and anywhere, due to the pressure of the blessing of the art, it will explode into debris. At that time, the fun will be great, and Zhu Peng will be famous among the whole family for his ignorance of advancement and retreat, and his insatiable greed.
However, Zhu Peng still persisted with red eyes. His heart and intention were so firm, and his seals and true energy flowed more and more perfectly.
Such rapid progress is not because of ignorance or greed, but because of his absolute trust in the magic weapon in his hand. Zhu Peng can see the feeling from the thread in his hand and the purple soul in his eyes. With this last high-level spell, it can reach the carrying limit of ten puppet robots, and it is not too much exceeded. The chance of success is more than 70%, and once it succeeds, the profit is more than 300%, even if It was a gamble, and Zhu Peng decided to take the gamble.
Chapter 075 Ai Yin
The true energy flows, and the seals are endless. If the pressure is strong, the flow will be diverted and injected. If the pressure is weak, it will benefit others. Under Zhu Peng’s contro

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