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head, only feeling an extremely severe pain. In his mind, a handsome man was holding his delicate body and running freely, but the man’s appearance gradually changed from his master Huang Shang to his brother Tang Luan. Appearances and appearances continued to change vaguely, but Master Huang Shang’s face gradually disappeared, and the violent protagonist gradually revealed his face, but he was really his brother Tang Luan.


Mar 12, 2024

In just ten breaths, Tang Luan grabbed Tang Li’s figure and launched a fierce and overbearing attack that left no room for any chance. Tang Li was in a state of confusion. No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t display his strength. He just blocked and parried instinctively, and just used it to block and parry. The light and mysterious Nine Yin Divine Claws hit the heavy and powerful Demon-Subduing Fist, but the loss was too great. In just ten breaths and dozens of hands, Tang Li was forcefully knocked out of the Whirlpool Wind Territory by Tang Luan. , the hurricane that originally grew bigger and bigger gradually weakened until it collapsed.
/“Although the Wuyunyin Killing Technique is powerful, it will never have such an effect unless” Tang Li was seriously injured by Tang Luan’s heavy punch, and all the bones in his body were shattered in a moment of heavy blows. More than 70% of the color was gone, and deep red blood flowed down from the corners of her mouth and even her facial features, reflecting Tang Li’s pale and snowy complexion, making her as violent as a female ghost.
“Unless your original memory was false, that’s why it was so easily stripped away and covered up.” Tang Luan continued Tang Li’s words, and struck with a heavy fist in his hand, but it hit Tang Li’s vital points without leaving any room. “Boom, boom, boom!” Hundreds of heavy punches hit the sky like a swarm of cannons. Tang Li dodged a little and blocked a little, but still took most of the punch and was forcefully blasted into the stone orifice. In the pit, he could no longer hold on and more than 80% of his body’s bones were broken, and his whole body lay there.
Tang Luan did not easily enter the hole because of his absolute advantage. The saying that a trapped beast still fights is too accurate. The more trapped and injured a beast is, the more difficult and fierce it becomes. Don’t look at Tang Li who was beaten to pieces by him at this time. Most of them were broken into pieces, but she was pressed too hard. If she really tried her best to explode the pill, Tang Luan, who was not seriously injured now, would have to give up half of her life directly here. Normally, that’s all. Now that she has a chance to win. Under such circumstances, it is not worthwhile to fight tooth and nail.
“Back then, because I forcibly practiced several Nine Yin Secret Techniques, my energy went astray and I had illusions, so that I raped you around me. When Master discovered this situation and broke through, it was already too late. After Master subdued me , in order to prevent your mind from being damaged and completely crippled, I

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