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ed to take him down with one blow and made a sound.


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It’s just that after all, they are all elites of Sixiangzhai with advanced cultivation. The guards have already captured the old man and are now dragging him outside. If Zhu Peng takes one step too late, he may never be able to see him again. .
/“By the way, this is how your Qinglong Sixiangzhai treats guests.” Without even saying a word to the elite guards in black armor, Zhu Peng turned back and questioned the Sixiang female officer who had just followed him rather coldly and unkindly.
In fact, there is no need to question at all. You can see how they came back. It is just that Zhu Peng gave the valuable top-level furnace to the grandfather and grandson for no reason. They were uneasy and wanted to come up and thank them in person. Originally this was human nature and there was nothing wrong with it, but they happened to come at the wrong time.
The female official of Sixiangzhai came to Zhu Peng’s box before them, and got to know Zhu Peng’s background, planning to let this extremely rich young man participate in the secret auction. Not many people in the entire Qinglong City knew about such a secret matter, so of course it would be kept strictly confidential.
/The guards outside the No. 1 box were all replaced by the manpower brought by the hostess. Of course, these sophisticated and high-status guards would not be afraid of a few poor and poor guests in Mingfang. The old man was just a little unhappy and after a bit of collision, they directly knocked him down. As for what happened next? It was thrown out like a broken sack or something else, Zhu Peng didn’t know clearly because he came too early.
The average skills of these four black-armored guards of Sixiangzhai are quite profound, most of them are around the sixth level of Qi refining, and they are in their prime of life when they are around forty, and they are at the peak of their lives in terms of combat power and condition.
It’s just that this kind of crowd, just glanced at by Zhu Peng’s cold eyes, lost the arrogance just now. Not to mention Zhu Peng’s status and worth, it was the murderous aura all over his body that had been soaked in the battlefield for a long time. It was enough to make these monks who had never seen blood tremble with fear.
This is also a common problem among wealthy and powerful monks. With skewed resources and sufficient supply of elixirs, their cultivation will be quite pure and profound. However, at the same level, they are often unable to fight against the casual monks walking in the wild. . This is one of the reasons why Su Wenshe looks down on immortal merchants. Their bodies are fat and strong, and their Qi channels are profound and pure, but their people and their hearts have lost the strength of monks, and have become corrupted and even depressed.
“My lord, my little girl, Mo Yiyi, is here to thank you for the gift of the furnace. If you have the opportunity in the future, I will definitely do my best to repay you. However, please save my grandfather. We just want to

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