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rtal Array, just this privilege is enough for many blood tribesmen to envy.


Mar 12, 2024

It’s no use just being envious, he is looking for his brother, and no one will care too much about a little girl with no hair.
The treatment his daughter received not only reassured Taoist Raptor, but also made Taoist Raptor work wholeheartedly for Zhu Peng. Because he himself also knew that in the entire Qinwangling, I am afraid that only the blood clan Zhu Peng could give their father and daughter such respect and treatment.
“Sir, this is the information sent by Master Wen She some time ago. Please read it.” Zhu Sansan is not here, Raptor Taoist is Zhu Peng’s deputy. Although he cannot see, for a person at the ninth level of Qi refining, For experts, this is not an insurmountable flaw.
“Do you want the detailed battle between Master Su and those old guys from Hanshan Academy? Well, it’s still the resident Yujie. It is indeed worth watching. Raptor, you can watch it with me during dinner. I believe that the two refiners of Master Hanshan Academy and Master Su are The qi-machine confrontation between masters at the ninth level of qi is a kind of benefit and improvement worth learning from for you and me.”
Zhu Peng took Yujie and put it aside. “We have already collected enough information about the powerful people in the ninth level. After detailed dismantling and analysis, we will leave a backup and send it to the Deception Celestial Eye. Compared with this, I am more concerned about the new piece of information we got. It seems Using Gong Hanying as a bridge, is there a tendency for the Kuji Sword Sect to merge into my blood clan?”
“Yes, I have also noticed this message, but I think it is unlikely. Even if there is the Ziyuan Immortal Array as a lure, the Kuji Sword Sect is in the hands of the old man Kuji and has worked hard to support it for so many years. It has its own vitality as a sect, so it is simply impossible for those in power to give up their power, give up their sect’s heritage, and join our Blood Soul Ridge.”
/The person who responded to Zhu Peng this time was not Taoist Raptor, but a young, handsome, and clear-sighted blood monk. Although Taoist Raptor has strong cultivation, he is suitable as a bodyguard and a deputy, but it is a joke to be a staff strategist. His talent was not in this area, and Zhu Peng would not allow it. He wasted his time and talent in this area. After being the director of the department for several years, Zhu Peng had his own staff and forces.
“Regardless of whether it is possible or not, as long as there is a chance, we must fight for it. It is okay if the Kuji Sword Sect does not directly merge into the clan. Send a message to Gong Hanying and tell me what I said. As long as the Kuji Sword Sect is willing to move to the clan and take charge of the Blood Soul City, I promise to directly divide one-eighth of its city area, and the time limit is the same as those of the sect families, fifty years.”
/“Sir, no.” Zhu Peng’s words frightened his young staff member so much that his face turned pale.

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