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undles of black straight hair have been condensed into long black whips that are both offensive and defensive, strong and soft, chasing Zhu Peng to continuously assassinate, and even He didn’t even give him a chance to turn around. Zhu Peng frowned slightly, and his figure kept bouncing upwards. There were buildings all around, and there were enough places to stay, but the man in black robes seemed to have long, straight black hair that he could do as he pleased. The telescopic length is the same. No matter how high and awkward Zhu Peng jumps, his bundles of long hair that look like spears will stab straight at Zhu Peng the moment he lands, causing the rocks to collapse and the earth to crack. .


Mar 12, 2024

The building next to Zhu Peng was not very high, only five floors. After Zhu Peng bounced and jumped several times, he rushed to the highest point of the building, but the long hair like black tide still roared towards him, even as if there was no limit. The sky and the sun are blocked out longer and longer.
/Zhu Peng suddenly jumped on the horizontal wall of the fifth floor. The next moment, several black hair whips had already cracked the place where he had just landed. Then, Zhu Peng, who was holding the sword while leaping in the air, There is no next place to stay, and the long black hair behind him has already covered him.
“If the power is dispersed to such an extent, the degree of cohesion should be greatly reduced.” Zhu Peng was in mid-air, facing the strong cold wind at high altitude, and the dark priest’s robes around him were fluttering fiercely like countless black butterflies. Looking at his feet with an indifferent and cold gaze, Zhu Peng clearly noticed that the deep pits and depressions made by the long black hair were everywhere. The bottom floor of the building was the deepest and most serious, and the further up, the deeper the depressions became. It was small but not deep. It was obvious that as the straight black hair grew longer, the strength and control of the man in black robe became weaker and weaker.
“At this moment.” He said so lightly in his heart, but the true energy in his body was roaring and roaring crazily. The Wandering Dragon Sword in Zhu Peng’s right hand became brighter and brighter, and finally the Wandering Dragon attached to it suddenly disappeared. As if alive, it let out horrifying and terrifying dragon roars: “Ho ho ho ho ho”. The power of the spiritual sword requires a monk at the foundation level to fully exert it. But at this moment, the spirit sword Youlong in his hand… , but was pushed to the extreme by Zhu Peng’s true energy. His spiritual energy was like a rainbow, and his sword light was like an explosion. Zhu Peng, who was riding the wind and holding a sword in mid-air, had a blank and cold look in his eyes, obviously because of what he saw in front of him. The enemy has sunk into the Three-Point Return to Origin Realm, which has rarely been sunk in recent years. (Zhu Peng’s magical power)
/In the state of returning to the origin of three parts of the supernatural powe

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