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Chapter 781 Nine Nights Yulong, Heroes and Spirits Are So Strong
The vibrating dragon emerges from the abyss, and the liger and tiger raise their heads.
Just when the Xixia people in the canyon dared to take a step closer, Xiao Feng, whose aura had gradually condensed, suddenly raised his head.
His long hair and gray temples were fluttering slightly in the strong wind, and blood was still flowing from the corners of his mouth, but his courage and pride were still intact.
“The Northern Kingdom of Yanzhao is a tragic and generous man.”
These words were almost made for the man in front of him. Xiao Feng took out a wine bag from his waist and drank strong alcohol while surrounded by enemies in front of him. He tied the wine bag around his waist instead of placing it in the storage device. , it can only mean that this person is extremely addicted to alcohol.
When you want to take a swig, you don’t even want to take the step of “taking it out from the storage vessel”. You just grab it and drink it with your hand, which is extremely heroic.
“You idiot, you drink strong alcohol when you are injured internally, for fear that you will not be seriously injured and die quickly?”
Zhu Peng closed his eyes, but everything that happened in the field could not be hidden from his eyes. The Purple Soul Heavenly Eyes changed for the second time: “Chenmu·Open”.
A virtual image with blood-colored eyes looked down in the sky and clouds. This kind of technique could never be concealed from Jindan realm masters like Xiao Feng and Murong Fu. Not to mention the extremely keen Jindan realm masters, even the more advanced step masters. It’s hard for the virtual monk to hide it, but it doesn’t matter, no one will blow up these gadgets.
On the fierce battlefield, there are countless small spells for various purposes, and the reconnaissance type is the most common among them. The aftermath of fierce battles can often explode them, so there is really no point in paying attention to them. .
Zhu Peng, who was watching everything in the field through his “Third Eye Open”, saw Xiao Feng drinking so arrogantly in front of everyone, but the Xixia master was intimidated by his power and no one dared to take a step closer, and he couldn’t help but feel sour disdain.
Of course, a man like him, who is far more sinister than passionate, will never be able to truly appreciate Xiao Feng’s heroic and upright pride.
Just like the phoenix man Murong Fu, he could never truly understand for the rest of his life why the seemingly rude Xiao Feng in front of him could always face difficulties and even suppress him in all kinds of adversities.
/The masters of Xixia finally managed to escape from the pressure of Xiao Feng’s courage, and they rushed forward with all their strength. It was not only the generous rewards and promises from Xixia, but more importantly, the possibility of killing Xiao Feng on him. Obtain various high-level skills of Qi Tian Dao.
The “Jiuxiao Dragon Control Secret” is very difficult to obtain, and

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