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Chapter 356: Confessing Ministers
The cries of dragons and phoenixes resounded throughout the world.
The first person to appear above the Zen platform was the Fengling Mountain God. She was carrying the ancient Phoenix jade and had the complete inheritance of the Phoenix. Her Phoenix figure had become perfect and she was ready to re-nirvana and transform into a Phoenix at any time.
The huge body of the underworld phoenix is ??filled with a strong sacred and holy smell.
On the other side, a white-wrathed dragon body dozens of feet long appeared at the same time.
In addition, two more streams of light came through the sky, a huge white turtle with angular corners on its head and a snake tail.
The other is a white tiger with wings.
The four spirits manifested their true bodies.
“Little master!”
At this time, Bai Xianyin’s voice came from afar, with cheers.
/At the same time, she also saw many Tongshan Taoist practitioners above the clouds.
“True King, Headmaster, Elders!”
Bai Xianyin’s voice was joyful, and she couldn’t help but turn into a stream of light and swim around the Demon-Slaying Lord.
Seeing this, the Demon-Slaying Lord shook his head slightly and said with a smile.
“Your opportunity has come, go down, don’t miss this good fortune!”
It is a great good thing to be consecrated as a national divine beast. With the national destiny, not only does it have an orthodox title, other high-level immortal cultivators can easily not harm it. They can also use the national destiny to transform into the divine beast and gain immortality and freedom. body.
/“Yes! Mr. Zhenjun!”
Bai Xianyin nodded quickly, and then turned into a strong wind and fell from the void.
The dark phoenix, the white dragon, the white turtle, and the white tiger each manifest the appearance of the four spirits. This is nothing in the eyes of many enlightened Tongshan cultivators, but in the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians in front of the square, it is clearly the arrival of auspiciousness. , dragon and phoenix come to the world.
For a time, countless figures prostrated themselves on the ground, not daring to look directly, so as not to blame the gods!
Zhang Jian’s figure fell into the void at this time. With the establishment of Daxia and the change of heaven and earth, he clearly felt that there were magnificent invisible forces growing in the sky above Haojing City between heaven and earth.
That is dragon energy, emperor energy.
The new dragon energy, the imperial energy flourished, and a red dragon meandered and flew from the south, gathered again at the foot of Haojing City, and suppressed the central axis of the country.
That is the Zhang family’s dragon vein.
Zhang Jian remotely felt the expansion of the dragon’s veins, and at the same time continued to seal his mouth.
“Pass on my will, and I grant you the title of the four sacred beasts that govern the country, and the guardians of the four spirits!”
As he finished speaking, he saw the magnificent purple energy condensed behind hi

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