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The unexplained magnificence and vastness.


Mar 6, 2024

Through the endless rainstorm, his face changed slightly, and then he narrowed his eyes and saw a strange symbol in this piece of heaven and earth.
Zhang Jian couldn’t describe this symbol. It was covered with a layer of illusory light.
He knew this was his destiny.
But at this moment when he saw the mark of fate, Zhang Jian felt a little disappointed.
He heard Dragon Girl mention that there is a type of people who are born with a unique destiny, so when the destiny seal appears for the first time, there will be some strange signs. For example, the destiny seal of some practitioners will turn into stars, and according to the light, the destiny seal will turn into stars. Brighten your life palace.
Or a large area of ??auspicious clouds and purple energy emerges from the fate seal, or a strange omen of a bright fairyland condenses, and the immortals bless you!
Or the awe-inspiring righteousness turns into a long river, or the wealth is overwhelming. Although these omens are just the evolution of fate, and do not have many real benefits for practice, they can also enlighten one’s future path to a certain extent. Quite helpful.
In front of him, there was only the boundless sky and the dark yellow earth.
/Secondly, there are beautiful mountains and rivers at your feet.
“No, isn’t this a sign of destiny?”
Looking at this scene, Zhang Jian’s eyes suddenly flashed with light, and his heart skipped a beat. This was in line with what he had in mind, that he would realize the path to immortality from the mortal world.
In this splendid country, we gather the supreme Tao foundation and achieve boundless Taoism.
This is where his destiny palace is.
At this moment, he realized that the surging Yang spiritual power around him suddenly had a subtle connection with the life seal in the life palace. In an instant, the special life seal symbol blended into the depths of his eyebrows, and gradually Connected with the extreme Yang spiritual power in the body.
At this moment, the rain all over him seemed to be stagnant.
At this time, in front of the dam, Long Nu failed to get close to the dam, but she also saw this scene, with a hint of envy in her watery eyes.
“The fortune is falling and the foundation of the Tao is revealed. It won’t be long before I can gather my magic power and truly set foot on fortune-telling!”
Dragon Girl Bai Liying secretly sighed. She had already guessed that the Taoist Brother Zhang in front of her might use the power of the rain in Fengyang County to create the supreme Taoism. Now it seems that her idea was not wrong.
/Being able to solve the drought in Fengyang County and the surrounding counties is indeed a huge achievement. With such great fortune coming, it is inevitable to build a top foundation.
In fact, she can also take this a step further. She can also feel that her own spiritual thoughts are being ‘activated’, and she is eager to try.
The drought inside and outside Fengyang County was being resolved in front of her. She was one of the thre

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