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tenth master uncle and the direct ancestor of your crown princess!”


Mar 6, 2024

“As for the three in front, they are your uncle Tianhe Master, your uncle Red Eyebrow Master, and your uncle Tianyu Master!”
The other three immortals with different styles also smiled and nodded slightly to Zhang Jian.
Zhang Jian immediately cupped his hands and said.
“Disciple pays homage to all my great uncles and great uncles!”
/A smile appeared in his eyes. As soon as he ascended to the Heavenly Palace, the elders of the sect came to take care of him. This was only the ascended immortals from the ancient Taoist tradition such as Tongshan Taoism had such treatment.
With the care of the elders, he will avoid many detours.
Zhang Jian’s eyes fell on the five ancestors in front of him.
Three of the twelve ancestors have died, leaving nine, and there are five of them in front of you.
They are the Shuiguan Great Emperor Tianhe Zhenren ranked third, Red Eyebrow Zhenren ranked sixth, Tianyu Taoist ranked eighth, the ancestor of the division method ranked ninth, and the second ancestor of the Si family, Xia Yu, ranked tenth. The king’s descendant and the founder of the Dayu Dynasty.
In addition, there are four other great uncles who have not yet arrived. They are the fourth-ranked ancestor Qingyuan, the seventh-ranked Yinming Emperor Jiuyou Zhenren, the eleventh-ranked Zidian ancestor, and the tenth-ranked ancestor Zidian. The real person of Tianyun of Er.
The eyes of the five ancestors fell on Zhang Jian, and they nodded secretly.
Among them, the Shuiguan Emperor Tianhe Zhenren said with a smile.
“Ayu, since you have retired from the Human Emperor Dao Fruit, the next tens of thousands of years will be the best period for you to settle down, but you can’t miss it. The Fire Cloud Cave in the Three Emperors’ Heaven Realm is an even better place. You should try your best to get it. Spend some time in there, it will be good for your future!”
Zhang Jian’s heart moved. There was something in this Tianhe Master’s uncle’s words.
He was obviously ready to ask in detail.
“I dare to ask Uncle Tianhe Master, is there any other doorway here?”
Emperor Shuiguan nodded slightly.
“How long you can stay in the Fire Cloud Cave Sky depends on your own luck and opportunities. There is also competition here. You will know it by then. But for some of the ways inside, Tongshan Taoism will leave you professional advice later. ‘Strategy’!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes moved.
There is also a ‘strategy’!
What he likes most is this kind of ancestor who can give “strategies”.
But that’s right. Born in the Three Emperors and Five Elders Association, as one of the backbone traditions of the Three Emperors and Five Elders Association, King Xia Yu’s lineage must be the leader of the Three Emperors’ Heavenly Realm.
After thinking for a while, Zhang Jian remembered the huge space-time storm deep in the heavenly passage just now.
“Uncle Tianhe Master, Patriarch, the storm just deep in the portal of the Heavenly Realm was formed naturally, or was it?”
There was something solemn

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