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n Zhu Peng’s hands.


Mar 6, 2024

“How are the arrangements made by the disciples of Gujian Pavilion? I remember I left this matter to you, right? How is the situation now?” Changing the question to avoid the awkward atmosphere, such a magical skill was handled by Zhu Peng lightly, and it was used like a natural. .
/“The remaining disciples of the Ancient Sword Pavilion have all been assigned to the Death Soldier Battalion. Those remaining masters who have surrendered and those who are unwilling to surrender have also been assigned to the Death Soldier Battalion. Now they have all joined the front line to fight. If they do not persist for the designated number of years, Even if they are all dead, they can’t even think about retreating.” At this point, Zhu Sansan frowned slightly, then took out a special piece of information and put it in front of Zhu Peng, and then continued: “It’s just that there is such a person He doesn’t want to submit to the Blood Soul Ridge, and his antagonism is quite strong, but Taoist Taoist Raptor is interceding for him, so it’s not easy for me to deal with him, please take a look at what should be done.”
Zhu Peng took the document and saw that the old man in a robe holding a sword was grinning at him, with a red face and a bitter look on his face. It was obvious that he belonged to the group of die-hard loyalists of the ancient sword pavilion that had been destroyed. His name was Xu Zi. Worry, I fought against Taoist Raptor several times, and lost more than a draw. However, I had some friendship with Taoist Raptor, so I was in trouble today, but Taoist Raptor came out to bail me out.
Taoist Raptor is Zhu Peng’s confidant. Even if Zhu Sansan is not willing to betray him, Xu Ziyou has strong feelings against Xue Po Ridge and does not meet the conditions for bail, so he has this special request for instructions. explain.
Zhu Peng scanned Xu Ziyou’s life in general, focusing on his age and cultivation. After a while, he threw the information away with disdain. “A ninety-year-old man who is decrepit and is practicing in the lineage of swordsmanship who is fierce and courageous. If he has no chance encounters in his life and has little chance of building a foundation, let him go. It’s not worth playing a small role for him. Let Raptor be unhappy, he is preparing to build the foundation at this time.” After thinking about it, Zhu Peng added, “In addition, let Huo Qingman worship Xu Ziyou as his teacher. My father and I are both practitioners of law and body. The path of cultivation is cruel and difficult, and there is no time or suitable time to teach Sister Qingman. It happens that her father has saved Xu Ziyou’s life. No matter what aspects he considers, the old guy will not reject Sister Qingman, a good disciple. outside the door.”
/As soon as Zhu Peng issued the order, Zhu Sansan could understand it with a turn of his eyes, and a smirk appeared on his lips: “What a good idea. Although we originally obtained the sect’s classics from the Ancient Sword Pavilion, many sword cultivation experiences are n

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