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the state. He immediately shouted and commanded loudly. The soldiers behind him calmed down and subconsciously bent their bows and shot arrows in one go. Dozens of red streams of light broke through the air and pierced the tall corpse in an instant.


Mar 6, 2024

Crackling! !
If dozens of firecrackers sound.
Accompanied by a shrill horn sound, countless green blood was seen dripping from the injured place of the tall corpse. There were more than ten continuous explosions under its body surface, and in an instant it suddenly turned into pieces. , burst into pieces.
That is the power of the Soul Purifying Spell!
When the corpse was shot, the face of one of the Taoists who was running behind him changed, and he fell to the ground silently.
“Sixth Junior Brother!”
Seeing this scene, several other Taoists suddenly changed their expressions.
“The wood ghost seizes the soul, kill!”
The slender Second Senior Brother was the most ferocious. Behind him, a long hunting flag was waving. It was a long green flag, and there was a one-horned ghost head on the long flag. At this time, it was lifelike and suddenly flew out in the cold wind. It’s like choosing someone to eat.
The moment it flew out, it actually submerged into the bushes at its feet. In an instant, seven or eight rattans with thick wrists emerged from the ground, like pythons, sweeping towards everyone.
In just an instant, the soldiers who were closer in front were rolled up by long vines like snakes and flung into the air.
Zhang Jian snorted slightly when he saw this, and with a snap of his fingers, the Fengxing Technique formed a talisman in his hand, turning into a stream of light and falling on several soldiers who were thrown away, helping them reduce gravity and avoid falling directly to death.
These elite soldiers are the seeds of Zhang Jiajun!
Don’t lose it easily!
His huge spiritual thoughts swept out, and his sensitive spiritual thoughts instantly locked a weak and undetectable Jiamu ghost energy on a nearby vine!
He motioned to Zhang Lu next to him and pointed at the place where the wooden ghost was hiding.
“Second team, Feng Lei team comes forward!”
As soon as he finished speaking, he saw five good men in red bottom clothes and iron armor stepping forward.
Zhang Lu waved his hand slightly and shouted sternly.
I saw a few archers bending their bows and setting arrows in an instant.
Upon hearing the order, the five archers immediately locked their positions and shot an arrow.
The five arrows were like streams of light piercing the big tree on the roadside.
Boom! !
At this moment, like thunder falling from the sky, five more tiny red thunderbolts pierced the sky and landed on the big tree. There was a faint scream inside. In an instant, the Taoist priest who was about to respond to Deng Qian’s eyes widened as he was showing off his power. The body fell straight to the ground.
“The art of raising ghosts!”
Immediately, Zhang Jian looked at this scene, his eyes fluctuating slightly.
The art of raising ghosts usually refers to left-behind

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